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 Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy --A Modern Revolutionary Peking Opera (Script)

Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy --A Modern Revolutionary Peking Opera

(Source: Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy: A Modern Revolutionary Peking Opera,Revised collectively by "Taking Tiger Mountainby Strategy" Group of the Peking Opera Troupe of Shanghai, July 1970 script. Transcribed by www.wengewang.org.)


Scene One   Advancing in Victory    
Scene Two   Chiapi Valley Pillaged    
Scene Three  Asking About Bitterness
Scene Four  Drawing Up a Plan
Scene Five   Up the Mountain    
Scene Six    Into the Bandits' Lair    
Scene Seven  Arousing the Masses    
Scene Eight  Sending Out Information    
Scene Nine  Off to the Attack    
Scene Ten   Converging on Hundred Chickens Feast


Yang Tzu-jung, scout platoon leader of the Chinese "People's Liberation Army (PLA)
Chief of Staff, PLA regimental chief of staff
Li Yung-chi, railway worker
Chang Pao, hunter's daughter

Shen Teh-hua, PLA scout platoon deputy leader
Medical Orderly, PLA girl medical orderly
Young Kuo, PLA soldier
Chung Chih-cheng, PLA soldier
Lu Hung-yeh, PLA soldier
Lo Chang-chiang, PLA soldier
Other soldiers

Hunter Chang, Chang Pad's father
Mother Li, Li Yung-chi's mother
Chang Ta-shan, railway worker Li Yung-chi's wife
Other villagers

Vulture, bandit chieftain of Tiger Mountain, leader of Kuomintang's "Fifth Peace Preservation Brigade of the Eastern Heilungkiang Region"
Luan Ping, liaison adjutant under Horse Cudgel Hsu, bandit chieftain of Breast Mountain
Bandit Chief of Staff
Bandit Chief Adjutant
Bandit Captain
"Terribles" and other bandits



Winter, 1946.A snowy forest in northeast China.

(A PLA pursuit detachment in battle array, a red flag at its head, enters swiftly. The fighters execute a dance depicting their march against the wind along a snow-covered mountain trail.)

Lo: Halt!
(The men form ranks.)
Lo: Report, Chief of Staff. We've come to a fork in the road.
Chief of Staff: We'll rest here.
Lo: Right. Lu Hung-yeh!
Lu: Here.
Lo: Stand guard!
Lu: Right. (Exit.)
Lo: We'll rest here.
Other soldiers: Right.
(Young Kuo hands Chief of Staff a map. Chief of Staff examines it and then looks at the
Lo: Supply Chief! We'll rest here.
(A voice responds: "We'll rest here!" Horses neigh. The men stamp their feet
to warm up and knock off the snow from their capes.)
Chief of Staff: You must be tired, comrades?
Soldiers: Not at all.
Chief of Staff: Good. Comrades! (The men form ranks.)
Chief of Staff: Yang Tzu-jung and Shen Teh-hua are scouting up ahead. We've arranged to meet them here. The regiment Party committee sent us as a pursuit detachment into this snowy forest in accordance with Chairman Mao's directive "Build stable base areas in the Northeast". Our job is to arouse the masses in the Mutanchiang area, wipe out the bandits, consolidate the rear, co-ordinate with our field army and smash the U.S.-backed Kuomintang attacks. It's a task of great strategic importance. That Vulture and his die-hard gang have hidden themselves deep in the mountains. We've been trudging through the snow for days, but there's still no sign of them. We must display our style of continuous fighting. (Decisively.) "Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty—
Chief of Staff and soldiers: To win victory."
(Lu Hung-yeh enters.)
Lu: Report! Platoon Leader Yang and Comrade Shen are back.
(The men look eagerly in the direction of Yang's approach. Chief of Staff hands the map to Young Kuo. Yang and Shen enter and salute.)
Yang: Report!
Chief of Staff: Comrade Tzu-jung, you have had a tiring job.
Yang: We went out in disguise, according to orders, and on our way we rescued a boy — a mute, in an isolated ravine. Thanks to his father's directions, we reached a little hamlet called Black Dragon Valley. Our investigations there put us on Vulture's trail.
Chief of Staff: Excellent!
(Sings "xi pi yao ban".*)
This section is infested with bandits.
They call themselves "Third Regiment of the Fifth Peace Preservation Brigade".
Last night they pillaged Black Dragon Valley.
(Changes to "kuai ban".)
Vulture, vicious and cruel, has committed monstrous crimes.
After their pillage they fled to Chiapi Valley,
I think they have returned to Tiger Mountain.
Chief of Staff: We're on Vulture's trail, comrades. We must press on. Lo
Lo: Here.
Chief of Staff: We'll camp at Black Dragon Valley tonight.
Lo: Right.
Chief of Staff: Comrade Tzu-jung!
Yang: Here!
Chief of Staff: We need more information on the enemy. Take Comrades Shen The-hua….
Shen: Here.
Chief of Staff: Chung Chih-cheng!
Chung: Here.
Chief of Staff: And Lu Hung-yeh!
Lu: Here.
Chief of Staff: And do some more scouting.
Chief of Staff: Be off now.
(Dramatic pose.)




Dusk. The edge of the village Chiapi Valley. A withered tree stands slanting by the side and crags lie in the gully.

(The routed bandit gang of the Kuomintang "Fifth Peace Preservation Brigade" is retreating to its lair. Passing by Chiapi Valley, Vulture, the bandit chieftain, peeps at the village.)

Bandit Chief Adjutant: On our way back this time we've made off with quite a pile, Chief. This village is right on our doorstep. We ought to leave it alone.
Bandit Chief of Staff: That's right, as the saying goes, "A rabbit doesn't foul its own hole."
Vulture: Who cares? Chief of Staff, go and grab me some of those paupers. We'll put them to work building fortifications. Men and women — both of them.
Bandit Chief of Staff (takes the hint): Yes, sir.
(He leaves with the bandit gang for the village. The adjutant starts to go too, but Vulture stops him.)
Vulture: I say, it must be nearly ten days since Howling Wolf went off to find Luan Ping, isn't it?
Bandit Chief Adjutant: That's it, I'm getting worried about this too.
Vulture: The first thing we'll do when we get back to Tiger Mountain is expand our forces.
Bandit Chief Adjutant: Yes. If Howling Wolf can find Luan Ping and get his hands on Horse Cudgel Hsu's Contacts Map, the whole Mutanchiang area will belong to us.
Vulture: I hear Commissioner Hou is also looking all over for that map. We mustn't let him get it.
Bandit Chief Adjutant: Don't worry, Chief. Howling Wolf and Luan Ping are sworn brothers. That map won't fly away.
Vulture: You know, openly the Americans are pretending to be working for peace talks between the Kuomintang and the Communists, but actually they help Chiang Kai-shek on the sly, transporting soldiers north for him. I hear Chiang Kai-shek has turned up in Shenyang, taking personal charge of the fighting. They want to wipe out all the Communist troops north and south of the Great Wall in three months. Our chance has come, it seems to me.
Bandit Chief Adjutant: Fine. When the Kuomintang army returns, you'll be made commander of all northern Manchuria. First it was Marshal Chang, then the Manchoukuo of the Japanese, and now the Kuomintang of Chiang Kai-shek. None of them could do without you. Ha! Ha! Hal
Vulture: Hal Ha! Ha!
(Dogs bark in the village. Flames leap up and shouting is heard. "Child!" "Bandits!" "Help!"... .Bandit Chief Adjutant and Vulture rush into the village, followed by other bandits.)
(Offstage, sings "xi pi xiao dao ban".)
Flames leap to the sky (Enters hurriedly while singing, carrying a hunting rifle and some game.) and people shout,
(Changes to "kuai ban".)
Mothers call to their sons, children cry for their mothers;
Again the bandits burn, kill and rob,
I'll have it out with them though I die.
(Drops the game.)
(Bandits enter dragging Chang Ta-shan and other villagers, young men and women bound by ropes. Li Yung-chi fights with the bandits while the young people are dragged off by the bandits. Ta-shan shakes off the ropes and grapples with the bandits. Exit.)
(Yung-chi's wife is dragged on, followed by her mother-in-law holding her baby and crying: "Daughter-in-law!" Li Yung-chi calls, "Mother, mother!" and fights with the bandits. Exit. Bandit Captain snatches the infant and goes to the edge of the cliff. Yung-chi's wife and mother cry: "Child!" Bandit Captain throws the baby over the cliff.) (Yung-chi enters. Yung-chi, his wife and his mother cry out simultaneously. Yung-chi, furious, attacks the bandits desperately. His left arm is hit by a rifle butt and he rolls over on the ground.)
(Vulture enters and shoots at Yung-chi.)
Yung-chi's wife (shouts): Yung-chi! (Flings herself to cover him and falls dead.)
(Vulture and the other bandits go off.)
Yung-chi (springing to his feet, gazes at his wife, heart-broken and enraged): Baby's ma . ..baby's ma.. . .(Slowly lays her on the ground.)
Mother Li (rushing over, overwhelmed by grief): Daughter-in-law....
  (Grieved and enraged, Yung-chi rises, runs to the edge of the cliff and gazes down.)
(Sings "xi pi kuai ban".)
Disaster comes like a bolt from the blue,
Fury burns in my breast; I swear that I shall avenge—
You Vulture!
I'll hack you to pieces for this blood debt.
(Bandits enter dragging Chang Ta-shan, who shouts: "Yung-chi!" Yung-chi is rushing to his rescue when the bandits swarm on and tie him up. He struggles with all his might.)
Mother Li: Yung-chi!
(Yung-chi is taken away.)
Yung-chi: Mother! Mother!
(She runs after him, but is flung to the ground by the bandits.)
Mother Li (getting up, moves briskly sideways on both legs): Yung-chi! Yung-chi!




Afternoon. A remote mountain valley. In a small log cabin bowls and chopsticks lie in disarray on a table.

(Chang Pao is clearing the table. Hunter Chang is looking outside.)

Pao: That man and woman were rough types, dad. They finished off the bit of venison we'd just got. (Angrily sits down on a wooden block.)
Chang (hurriedly shuts the door): Do you know who they were ?
Pao: He said he was from the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Chang: Huh! Eight years ago, when the bandits dragged me away, I saw him in their lair on Tiger Mountain. People call him Howling Wolf. He's a bandit.
Pao (startled): Oh!
Chang: We can't stay here any longer, Pao. Let's get our things together at once and go to your uncle Ta-shan's in Chiapi Valley.
Pao: Right.
(The two get some belongings together.)
Chang (to himself): Those two fur traders who came through here a few days ago said the Communists were now in our old home village helping the poor to win emancipation. I wonder if it's true.
Pao: They're good men, those two. If they hadn't carried me home, I would have frozen to death in the ravine.
Chang: That's true. Hurry now.
Pao: Yes.
(Chang ties a bundle.Pao gets the pelts down from the wall, and sees figures moving outside the window.)
Pao: Somebody's coming again, dad.
Chang (motioning her to keep quiet): Hush!
(They listen attentively. Yang, Shen, Chung and Lu, muffled in capes and hoods which hide the red star on their caps, enter alertly.)
(Sings "xi pi san ban".)
We've been closely following a suspicious pair,
But here in the mountains we've lost the trail—
Shen: Say Old Yang, isn't this where Hunter Chang lives?
Yang: Right.
We'll call on the hunter again for help to solve our problem. Comrades Shen and Lu!
Shen and Lu: Here.
Yang: You two scout on ahead. Report back here if you have any information.
Shen and Lu: Right. (Run out.)
Yang: Young Chung! Stand guard.
Chung: Right. (Runs out.)
(Chang and Pao are hiding their pelts when Yang walks up to the cabin and knocks.)
Yang: Hey there, neighbours!
(The hunter signs to Pao to hide herself, then, comes out with apprehension.)
Chang (examines Yang): You are....
Yang: Don't you recognize me? I'm the fur trader who was here a few days ago.
Chang: Fur trader ?
Yang: Yes.
(Pao runs out, startled to see Yang in army uniform.)
Yang (to Pao): Your father doesn't remember me, little brother. Wasn't I the one who brought you home that day?
(Pao examines him closely and nods.)
Yang: What a clever child!
Chang (observes Yang carefully, recognising him): Ah, you're Yang the trader.
Yang: Yes.
Chang: That's right. And we discovered we're from the same province.
Yang (nods):....
Chang: Come in, come in.
(They all go in. Pao sweeps the brick bed for Yang to sit on. Yang looks around as he takes off his gloves.)
Yang (to Pao with concern): Are you feeling better now ?
(Pao tries to speak.)
Chang (quickly pulls Pao back and answers for her): He's a mute.
Yang: Ah, I see.
Chang: You're a trader, but today you're in uniform. What's your job, after all?
Yang: I'm not a trader. (Throws back his hood to reveal the red star on his cap.) I'm a soldier of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Chang (astounded and sceptically): You too from the People's Liberation Army ?
Yang: Yes. Have you seen any PLA men before?
Chang (guardedly): Oh no . . . no, never.
Yang (senses Chang's suspicion, sitting down on the wooden block and with warmth): We didn't have a chance to talk much, last time. We came over from Shantung Province. We are battalions led by Chairman Mao and the Communist Party. (Picks up an axe to chop wood.)
Chang: But what are you fellows doing all the way up here ?
Yang: Fighting bandits. (Slams the axe down on the wooden block.)
Chang (surprised): Fight bandits? Can you do that?
Yang (standing up): We've got a big force not far behind. Our PLA has won several big victories in the Northeast. The whole Mutanchiang area has been liberated. We've smashed most of the bandits. Only Vulture and his gang are left. They've buried themselves deep in this mountain forest, but we're going to wipe them out too, and soon.
Chang (burning with anger): That Vulture! . . .
Yang: Old Chang, Vulture has devastated these parts. You two have hidden yourselves here in this forest. You must have been deeply wronged.
Chang (sits down and passionately takes up the axe): ....
Yang: Go ahead, Old Chang, tell us about it.
Chang (not wanting to mention the painful past): It's eight years now, why talk about it? (Puts down the axe.)
Pao (bursts out): Dad! ... (Throws herself into Chang's arms.)
Chang (startled ): Pao, how could you....
(The grief-stricken hunter sits down on the wooden block. Pao sobs, burying her head on his knees.)
Yang (with deep feeling): It's all right, child. Chairman Mao and the Communist Party will back us up. Speak.
Pao: I will, uncle, I will.
(Sings "fan er huang dao ban".)
Disaster struck one snowy night eight years ago,
(Switches to "kuai san yan".)
Vulture killed my grandma and carried off my mum and dad;
Uncle Ta-shan in Chiapi Valley took me in,
My dad escaped and came back,
But my mum threw herself off a cliff and died.
Oh, dear mum!
In the mountains we hide;
Afraid I'd fall into those devils' hands,
Dad dressed me as a boy and said I was mute.
(Changes to "yuan ban".)
We hunted in the mountains during the day,
At night we thought of grandma and mum;
(Changes to "duo ban".)
We looked at the stars and the moon
And longed for the time
When the sun would shine over these mountains,
When I would be able to speak out freely,
When I could dress like a girl again,
When we could collect our debt of blood.
If I only had wings I'd take my gun
And fly to the summit and kill all those wolves!
Oh, dad! (Flings herself into Chang's arms.)
(Furious, sings "xi pi yuan ban".)
Pao's tales of the bandits' crimes
Brimming with blood and tears,
Rouse me to the utmost rage.
Oppressed people everywhere have blood accounts
To settle with their oppressors.
They want vengeance,
An eye for an eye and blood for blood!
(Switches to "liu shui".)
Destroy Vulture, and win liberation for the people,
Rise as masters and greet the sun in these deep mountains.
Follow the saviour the Communist Party,
And bring the land a new life,
Like our old home in Shantung,
Good days will be here forever.
(Outside the cabin Chung walks past on patrol)
Chang (with emotion): Old Yang! Sit down, please.
(With emotion Chang grasps Yang's hands firmly and enthusiastically asks him to sit on the end of the bed near the door. Yang refuses with thanks the pipe Chang offers him. Pao hands a bowl of water to Yang who sits down and drains it. Pao moves the wooden block and sits on it beside her father.)
Chang: You've said what's in my heart, Old Yang.
Yang: Ha, ha, ha!
Chang: But beating Vulture won't be easy. His Tiger Mountain stronghold is protected by nine groups of twenty-seven forts. He can attack, he can defend, and he can slip away. Nobody can touch him.
Yang: I see. They say it's very hard to get to the top of the mountain.
Chang: Exactly. There's only one path up front, and it's very steep. Besides it's very carefully watched. How can anyone get up there?
Yang: Then how did you manage to make good your getaway that time?
Chang: There's a dangerous trail down the back of the mountain.
(Alerted by this important information, Yang moves near the hunter and listens attentively.)
Chang: It's all steep cliffs and crags. No one dares to use that trail, so it's unguarded. Eight years ago, that's where I came down. If I hadn't been lucky enough to fall on a tree branch, I'd have been dashed to pieces.
Yang (excited): You've given us some very useful information. As long as we all pull together, there's no mountain top we can't conquer.
Chang: Right. We're all looking forward to that day. Ha, ha, ha!
Yang: Ha, ha, ha!
Chang: You mustn't blame me for taking you as a stranger. A man and a woman were here a while ago. He obviously was a bandit, but he said he was from the PLA.
Pao: My dad saw him eight years ago on Tiger Mountain. He's called Howling Wolf.
Yang: Howling Wolf, eh? What else did he talk about?
Chang: He called the woman sister-in-law and said he was Luan Ping's sworn brother.
Yang: Luan Ping? (Leaves his seat)
Chang (stands up): The woman must be Luan Ping's wife. Howling Wolf had a big row with her over some map or other.
Pao: A Contacts Map.
Chang: That's right.
Yang (pensively): Contacts Map ?
(Chung pushes open the door.)
Chung: Platoon leader, Old Shen and Lu are back.
(Shen and Lu enter. They go into the cabin.)
Shen: Old Yang, In the forest northeast of here we found the body of a woman with a blood-stained glove lying beside her. (Gives the glove to Yang)
Lu: There was a strong blizzard and the snow had already blotted out any footprints. We couldn't tell where the murderer had gone.
Yang: Have you seen this glove before, Old Chang?
Chang (examines the glove and ponders): Yes. It looks like Howling Wolf's glove.
Yang (coming to a conclusion): He must have killed her and snatched the Contacts Map. This is a complicated business, comrades, and that Luan Ping we caught is mixed up in the case. Lu Hung-yeh!
Lu: Here.
Yang: We are going after the murderer. You report back to Chief of Staff and tell him I suggest we interrogate Luan Ping and dig out the story of the Contacts Map.
Lu: Right. (Goes out at a run)
Yang: This is urgent, Old Chang, we've no time to chat now. Here's a bit of food for you and Pao.
(Yang unties his ration bag and hands it to Chang. Shen unties his and gives it to Pao)
Chang: Old Yang!
Shen: Please accept it.
Pao (moved): Uncles....
Yang: Goodbye for now. (Turns to go.)
Chang: Where are you going, Old Yang?
Yang: After Howling Wolf.
Chang: You can't get him. He's sure to be heading for Tiger Mountain. That trail has always been hard to follow, and a stranger could lose himself in this snowstorm. Come, Pao and I will show you the way.
Yang (touched, goes to Chang): Thank you, Old Chang.
Chang: Let's go.
(Chang, axe in hand, and Pao, with her hunting rifle, rush to the door. Dramatic pose.)



Early morning. Black Dragon Valley. The detachment has spent the night. Inside the command post, a charcoal fire burns bright. Chief of Staff stands thinking before a military map. Outside the wind roars and heavy snow falls. In the background, majestic mountains and deep forests. An armed sentinel is on patrol beside a grove of trees.

Chief of Staff:
(With composure sings "er huang dao ban")
Icy wind howls through the woods,
Rustling branches shake the deep gully.
(A gust blows the door open. He goes to the door and looks out, filled with emotion)
(Sings, changing to "hui long")
Snowflakes dance in a hazy mist,
The mountains are mantled in silver;
What a magnificent scene of the north!
(Changes to "man ban")
Beautiful our land, majestic and grand,
How can we let ravening beasts again lay it waste?
(Changes to "yuan ban")
The Party Central Committee points the way,
Revolutionary flames cannot be quenched.
Bearing the hopes of the people, the PLA fight north and south
And plant the red flag all over our country.
(Changes to "duo ban")
Let the Yanks and Chiang gang up,
Prating about peace while making attacks,
Fighting openly and sniping in the dark.
Let them resort to a hundred tricks,
With justice in our hands, class hatred in our hearts,
One against ten, we'll still wipe them out.
(Yang enters.)
Yang: Report!
Chief of Staff (recognises his voice): Old Yang!
(Yang goes into the room. Chief of Staff rushes to greet him.)
Chief of Staff: Did you catch the murderer?
Yang: We got him. We found this letter and this map concealed in his clothes.
(Hands them over.)
Chief of Staff: Well done!
Yang: The trails in these parts are hard to find. Luckily, Hunter Chang acted as our guide. The murderer passed himself off as one of our PLA scouts, but the hunter exposed him. He admitted that he's a Tiger Mountain man named Li Chung-hao, better known as Howling Wolf.
Chief of Staff: Good. That hunter has been a great help. Long ago Chairman Mao told us: "The revolutionary war is a war of the masses; it can be waged only by mobilizing the masses and relying on them." Without the masses we can't move a step.
Yang: How true! Hunter Chang also told us of two trails up the mountain. I've sketched them, according to his description. (Hands Chief of Staff a sketch map.) Howling Wolf admits to the open trail going up the face of the mountain. He says there are no fortifications along it and that it's easy to climb.
Chief of Staff: Hm. Obviously a lie. (Pauses.) Have you made arrangements for the hunter and his daughter?
Yang: We left them our grain rations. They're planning to move to Chiapi Valley.
Chief of Staff: Good. I say, Old Yang, Luan Ping never said anything about this map.
Yang: No, he never. Howling Wolf says it shows the location of three hundred secret contact places of the Breast Mountain gang here in the Northeast. It's something very important.
Chief of Staff: Luan Ping has been brought here. We'll question him right away and find out all about the Contacts Map.
Yang: I'll get Luan Ping. (Turns to go.)
Chief of Staff: He's your old adversary, Old Yang. You'd better do the questioning.
Yang: All right. (Goes to the door. To the sentinel.) Young Chang.
Young Chang: Here.
Yang: Bring Luan Ping.
Young Chang: Right. (Exit.)
(Chief of Staff draws the curtain over the military map and goes into the inner room. Yang takes a bench by the wall and places it near the door. Young Kuo brings Luan Ping into the room. Yang waves Luan Ping to the bench. Luan sits down)
Yang: Luan Ping.
Luan: Yes, sir.
Yang: How are you getting on with your confession?
Luan: I want to come clean. I'm owning up to everything I know.
Yang: There's something you haven't mentioned yet.
Luan: Officer, I don't own a thing in the world except the clothes on my back.
Yang (suddenly): What about that map?
Luan: Map ?
Yang: The Contacts Map.
Luan (startled): Oh! (Pretending to be calm) Ah, let me think.... (Strikes a thoughtful pose.) Ah, yes, yes, I remember now. They say Horse Cudgel Hsu had a map of secret contacts.
Yang: They say ?
Luan: Don't misunderstand me, officer. Horse Cudgel Hsu considered that map precious. I never had a chance of setting my eyes on it.
Yang: Luan Ping, you ought to understand our policy.
Luan: I do, I do. Leniency to those who confess; severity to those who resist.
Yang: I'm asking you — what was your job on Breast Mountain?
Luan: You know that. I was a liaison adjutant.
Yang: A liaison adjutant who says he knows nothing about liaison stations and has never seen anything of the Contacts Map. Huh! It's plain you don't want to tell the truth. (Luan pretends to be helpless.)
Yang (signals to Young Kuo, then with sudden fury): Take him out!
Kuo (takes cue): Get out!
Luan (panic-stricken): No, no. I. ... (Slaps his own face.) I deserve to die for trying to fool you, officer. I'll tell you the truth now. There is a map showing Horse Cudgel Hsu's secret contacts all over the Northeast, three hundred in all. That map is now in my wife's hands. Let me out, and I'll find her and get the map and give it to you. I want to make amends and earn lenient treatment. (Bows.)
Yang: Besides those three hundred places, where else did you have contacts?
Luan: Where else? Tiger Mountain. But for a long time Vulture has been trying to get sole control of northern Manchuria by himself. He and Horse Cudgel Hsu were only friends on the surface, so I had very few dealings with him. Last year, Vulture invited me to a Hundred Chickens Feast to celebrate his birthday, but I didn't go.
(Yang's attention is raised by the new information)
Yang: You'd better come clean.
Luan: Aye, aye.
Yang: I want a detailed report on all your contact points.
Luan: Yes, yes.
Yang: Take him away.
Kuo: Now get out. (Takes Luan out.)
(Chief of Staff comes out from the other room.)
Yang: He's a crafty one. (Re-places the bench near the wall)
Chief of Staff (humorously): Huh! The craftiest fox can't escape the skilled hunter. Anyhow, his story about the Contacts Map is the same as Howling Wolf's.
Yang: And he also let slip a mention of the Hundred Chickens Feast.
Chief of Staff: Umm.
Yang: And in that letter, Vulture is again inviting him to the feast this year. There's something queer here.
Chief of Staff: I agree.
(Shen Teh-hua enters)
Shen: Report!
Chief of Staff: Come in.
(Shen comes into the room)
Shen: Chief of Staff, the comrades are eager to attack Tiger Mountain. They have written requests for battle assignments.
Chief of Staff: You're behind this, I suppose?
Shen: I....
Yang: Ha, ha, ha!
Chief of Staff (laughs and sits down by the fire): I can understand how the comrades feel. Our fraternal units have sealed off all the roads and ferry points in the Mutanchiang area. Vulture can't get away. But he's a wily bird, hard to deal with. Haven't we discussed it several times? If we sent a large force after him, it would be like trying to hit a flea with your fist. No good. Since the task is urgent, we haven't the time to lure the bandits down the mountain and destroy them one by one. Ours is a special mission. We must remember what Chairman Mao tells us — strategically we should despise our enemy, but tactically we should take him seriously. (Pauses.) Comrade Teh-hua, please call another democratic meeting of the comrades and talk it over again, in the light of the latest developments.
Shen: Right. (Exit.)
(Yang starts to leave.)
Chief of Staff: Old Yang, what's your suggestion?
Yang: I want to question Howling Wolf again and find out more about that Hundred Chickens Feast.
Chief of Staff: Go ahead. I'll be waiting to hear your proposal.
Yang: Right. (Exit.)
Chief of Staff:
(Sings "xi pi kuai sanyan")
We've had the enemy sized up in the last few days,
We've analysed carefully and pondered over our plan.
Tiger Mountain has a system of bunkers and tunnels,
So the better course is to take it by strategy.
Select a capable comrade to disguise as one of their kind,
Then penetrate into the enemy's lair,
And strike from without and within.
Who should we choose for this critical task ? — (Thinks.)
(Changes to "yuan ban")
Yang has all the qualifications to shoulder this load.
Born of a hired-hand peasant family,
From childhood he struggled on the brink of death;
Burning with hatred, he found his salvation
In the Communist Party and took the revolutionary road.
(Switches to "er liu")
He joined the army, vowing to uproot exploitation,
A veteran in battle, he's distinguished himself many times.
By wits, he blew up many an enemy fort,
He's entered enemy territory, killed traitors
And rescued many comrades and villagers.
He's fought many a battle with bandits here in the forest,
Caught Luan Ping and Hu Piao and took Howling Wolf as well.
If I send him on this dangerous mission alone,
I'm sure, with his heart red as fire,
A will strong as steel,
He'll surely overcome Vulture.
(Shen Teh-hua enters. Comes into the room.)
Shen: Chief of Staff.
Chief of Staff: How did your meeting go, Comrade Teh-hua?
Shen: We analysed the situation and decided that taking it by strategy is the only answer. We shouldn't try a direct attack. The best way would be to get a comrade into the enemy stronghold…
Chief of Staff: You're right. Come, let's talk it over.
(Yang in bandit overcoat runs into the room. Chief of Staff scrutinizes him. Shen looks on in surprise.)
Yang: Hu Piao is here to present the map.
(Waves his hand in bandit greeting.)
Chief of Staff: You Hu Piao? Old Yang, ha, ha, ha!
Shen: Old Yang! Ha, ha, ha!
Yang: Ha, ha, ha!
(Takes off his overcoat and sits down.)
Chief of Staff: Tell us quick, what's your idea?
Yang: It seems to me, Chief of Staff, the best way to take Tiger Mountain is by strategy.
Chief of Staff: Precisely.
Yang: The enemy's Hundred Chickens Feast is a good opportunity.
Chief of Staff: Have you found out all about it?
Yang: Yes. Vulture celebrates his birthday on the last day of the last month of every lunar year. He gives himself a feast of chickens extorted from a hundred different families. They call it the Hundred Chickens Feast. (Rises.) I suggest we send a comrade up there in disguise to find out how the tunnels and bunkers are laid out. Then, when all the bandits are in the main hall during the Hundred Chickens Feast, get them drunk....
Chief of Staff: And the detachment will spring an attack and take it before they know what's happening!
Yang: Right. Chief of Staff, put me on this job.
Shen: The comrades also propose Old Yang for the mission.
Chief of Staff: Good. Comrade Teh-hua (Giving him the Contacts Map.), make a copy of this. Also notify the others there will be a Party branch committee meeting.
Shen: Right. (Exit.)
Chief of Staff: Old Yang, you're going to disguise as a bandit and make your way into the enemy stronghold. Are you sure you can do it?
Yang: There're three things in my favour.
Chief of Staff: The first?
Yang: Horse Cudgel Hsu and his Breast Mountain gang have just been defeated. I can go there as his adjutant Hu Piao who is in our hands and Vulture has never seen him. I've learned the bandit argot and won't be found out.
Chief of Staff: And the second?
Yang: If I present Vulture with the Contacts Map as gift at our first meeting, I'll win his trust. Chief of Staff: Fine.
Yang: The third condition is the most important....
Chief of Staff: The loyal heart of a PLA soldier dedicated to the Party and Chairman Mao.
Yang (from the heart): You understand me completely, Chief of Staff.
Chief of Staff (with deep feeling): Old Yang, this is no ordinary task.
Yang: Chief of Staff!
(Sings "xi pi yuan ban" at a free tempo)
A Communist always heeds the Party's call,
He takes the heaviest burden on himself;
I'm set on smashing the chains of a thousand years
To open a freshet of endless happiness for the people.
(Switches to "er liu".)
Well I know that there's danger ahead,
But I'm all the more set on driving forward;
No matter how thickly troubled clouds may gather,
Revolutionary wisdom is bound to win.
(Changes to "kuai ban".)
Like the Foolish Old Man who removed the mountains,
I shall break through every obstacle;
The flames that blaze in my red heart
Shall forge a sharp blade to kill the foe.
Chief of Staff: Good. You can take Horse Cudgel Hsu's black-maned steed and ride northeast along the trail Hunter Chang has pointed out
Yang: And wind my way up the mountain.
Chief of Staff: The detachment will go to Chiapi Valley, arouse the masses and prepare for battle. We'll wait for word from you.
Yang: I'll put a message for you in the pine grove southwest of Tiger Mountain. The tree will be marked in the agreed manner.
Chief of Staff: I'll send Shen Teh-hua on the twenty-sixth to pick it up.
Yang: I guarantee it will be there on time.
Chief of Staff: Good. The detachment will set out as soon as we've heard from you. We'll strike from within and without and destroy Vulture and his gang.
Yang: This is a well-thought-out plan, Chief of Staff. It's decided then.
Chief of Staff (grips Yang's arms, very stirred. After a pause): Be bold but cautious, Comrade Tzu-jung.
(Sings "xi pi kuai ban".)
I'm confident you can fulfil this important mission,
Everything depends on this all-important task.
We'll call a Party branch committee meeting to approve the plan,
With collective wisdom we'll defeat the enemy.

(Yang and Chief of Staff clasp hands tightly in a dramatic pose.)




A few days after the previous scene. In the foothills of Tiger Mountain. A deep snowy forest. Tall, straight pines reach to the sky. Sunshine filters down through the trees.

(Sings offstage "er huang dao ban".)
I press through the snowy forest, spirit soaring!

(Yang enters in disguise. He spurs his horse onwards. He performs a series of characteristic Peking opera dance movements depicting his journey on horseback: swinging his right leg, giving a vigorous kick and then moving briskly sideways on both legs to show dashing down a slope; turning right, giving his overcoat a shake, taking a step forward, raising one leg, reining in and then moving briskly one big step forward to indicate mounting a high ridge; taking a broad jump as a sign of leaping across a mountain stream; moving briskly forward on both legs, swinging his right leg, moving briskly on both legs, swinging his left leg and then again moving briskly on both legs to depict riding through the dense forest; turning round, giving his overcoat a shake, cracking his whip and then moving briskly sideways on both legs to indicate galloping for some distance. Then he walks to the front of the stage, raises one leg, reins in, gives a vigorous kick and stands on one leg in a dramatic pose. He looks all around.)
(Sings "hui long".)
To express my determination the mountains I staunchly face.
(Switches to "yuan ban".)
Let the red flag fly all over the world,
Be there seas of fire and a forest of knives, I'll charge ahead.
How I wish I could order the snow to melt,
(Changes to "san ban".)
And welcome in spring to change the world of men.
(Switches to "xi pi kuai ban")
The Party gives me wisdom and courage,
Risks and hardships are as naught;
To wipe out the bandits I must dress as a bandit,
And pierce into their stronghold like a dagger.
I'll bury Vulture in these hills, I swear,
Shake the heights with my will.
With my courage the valleys fill,
At the Hundred Chickens Feast my comrades and I
Will make a shambles of the bandits' lair.
(A tiger roars in the distance. Again, Yang executes a series of traditional Peking opera dance movements: lifting one leg, reining in, giving his overcoat a shake, turning round and doing the splits. The tiger's roar draws near. The startled horse stumbles. Yang jumps up, turns round, reins in, swings one leg and leaps from the horse. Yang quickly leads his horse off. Re-enters, throws off his overcoat, pulls out his pistol, turns round and strikes a dramatic pose. Looks alertly in the direction of the roar, then turns round and hides himself behind a tree. At the right moment, he leaps up and fires several shots in succession. The beast screams and falls dead. Other shots are heard in the distance)
Yang (immediately alerted): Shooting! The bandits are coming down the mountain. (Calmly) I've just killed one beast, and now a whole pack is here. I'll see that you go the same way.
(Bandit Chief of Staff shouts offstage: "Halt!" He enters with a gang of bandits. Yang puts on his overcoat, walks forward boldly and gives a bandit salute.)
Bandit Chief of Staff: What road do mushrooms travel? What's the price? (bandit argot)
(Yang, head high, does not reply.)
Bandit A (seeing the tiger Yang has killed, cries in fear): A tiger, tiger!
(The other bandits hastily draw back.)
Yang (laughs): Brave, aren't you? That tiger is dead.
Bandit A (looks at the beast cautiously): A beautiful shot. Right through the head.
Bandit Chief of Staff: Did you kill it?
Yang: It got in the way of my bullet.
Bandit Chief of Staff: Quite a man. Which mountain are you from? What are you doing here? Yang (taking the initiative): I suppose you fellows are from Tiger Mountain?
Bandit Chief of Staff: That's obvious. (Realises he has made a slip.) Where are you from?
Yang: That's not for you to ask. I want to see Brigadier Tsui in person. I've important business with him.
Bandit Chief of Staff: How is it you don't know the rules of the mountains?
You're not a liuzi. You're a kongzi. (bandit argot)
Yang: If I were a kongzi, would I dare come barging into Tiger Mountain?
Bandit Chief of Staff (threateningly) : Moha? Moha? (bandit argot)
(Yang, his mind made up, does not reply.)
Bandits: Speak up.
Yang (haughtily): I'm not saying anything till I see Brigadier Tsui.
Bandit Chief of Staff (helplessly): All right, then, let's go. Where's your gun?
Yang (contemptuously): Ha, ha, ha! Don't be scared. (Tosses his pistol to one of the bandits. Points at the tiger and his horse.)
Bandit Chief of Staff: Carry the tiger. Lead the horse.
Bandits: Yes!
(Yang makes two abrupt turns onto the front of the stage. Giving his overcoat a shake, he strikes a dramatic pose, resolute, calm and courageous)




Immediately after the previous scene. The interior of Tiger Hall. A gloomy cave lit by several lamps.

(Vulture sits on a chair, his lieutenants — the "Eight Terribles", stand on either side in a disorderly fashion. Other bandits stand on the left rear side of the hall. Vulture signals to Bandit Chief of Staff to summon the newcomer.)

Bandit Chief of Staff: Chief's order, bring liuzi in. Bandits: Bring liuzi in!
(Yang enters, head high.)
(Sings "xi pi kuai ban".)
Though I've come alone to the tiger's den,
Millions of class brothers are by my side;
Let Vulture spew flames ten thousand leagues high,
For the people I'll fearlessly take this monster on.
(Advances and gives a bandit salute.)
Vulture (suddenly): The god of the heavens shields the earthly tiger. (bandit argot)
Yang: Precious pagoda represses the river sprite. (bandit argot)
Terribles: Moha? Moha?
Yang: Speak exactly at the stroke of noon. 'No one has a home. (bandit argot)
Vulture: Why is your face so red? (bandit argot)
Yang: My spirits are flourishing. (bandit argot)
Vulture: Why so yellow again? (bandit argot)
(The bandits press closer, sword and gun in hand.)
Yang (calmly): Ha, ha, ha! I smeared it with wax to ward off the cold. (bandit argot)
(Vulture shoots out an oil lamp with his automatic. Yang takes a pistol from Bandit Chief of Staff. With one shot he smartly knocks out two oil lamps. "Two at one shot. Beautiful!" The astonished bandits whisper among themselves and are stopped by Terribles.)
Vulture: According to you, you're one of Brigadier Hsu's men?
Yang: I am his cavalry adjutant, Hu Piao.
Vulture: Hu Piao? Since you are Brigadier Hsu's man, let me ask you — when did you join his ranks?
Yang: When he was chief of police.
Vulture: I hear he has a few possessions he prizes the most.
Yang: There are two.
Vulture: What are they?
Yang: A fast horse and a sharp sword.
Vulture: What does his horse look like?
Yang: It has a curly coat and a black mane.
Vulture: What kind of sword has he?
Yang: A Japanese officer's sabre.
Vulture: Who gave it to him?
Yang: The Japanese Imperial Army.
Vulture: Where was it presented?
Yang: At Wuholou in the city of Mutanchiang.
Vulture (pauses): If you really are Brigadier Hsu's cavalry adjutant, why did I see only Adjutant Luan Ping and not you at the last meeting called by Commissioner Hou?
Yang: I didn't rate very high with Brigadier Hsu. How could I compare with someone like Luan Ping? He was the one who went to all the important functions.
Vulture: Why have you come to Tiger Mountain?
Yang: I want to join you, Brigadier, and rise in the world. This is the first time I've crossed your threshold, but none of you big brothers seem to trust me. You aren't playing the game of our brotherhood, are you?
Vulture (laughs): We have to think of our stronghold's safety.
Terribles: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
(Vulture takes the pipe handed him by one of the bandits.)
Vulture: When did the Breast Mountain stronghold fall, Hu Piao ?
Yang: The third day of the twelfth lunar month.
Vulture: What took you so long to get here?
Yang: It hasn't been easy for me to get here, Brigadier. After Breast Mountain was taken, I was hiding out in White Pines Dale for a while.
Vulture: White Pines Dale?
Yang: In the home of Luan Ping's uncle.
Vulture: Did you see Luan Ping?
Yang: Yes.
Vulture: And Howling Wolf?
Yang: Howling Wolf?
Vulture: Uh.
Yang: I don't know about him.
(The bandits look at one another in disappointment.)
Vulture: Hu Piao, you are here but why isn't Luan Ping with you?
Yang: Luan Ping?
Vulture: That's right.
Yang: Ah, say no more about him.
Vulture: What do you mean?
(Other bandits crowd around.)
Yang: Well.... (Looks at other bandits to hint it is confidential.)
(Vulture signals and Terribles shout: "Get out, get out!" and all the lesser bandits leave)
Vulture: Hu Piao, what's the matter with Luan Ping?
Yang: It's a long story.
(Sings "xi pi xiao dao ban")
Just talking about him enrages me....
Vulture: What did he do?
(Sings, changing to "yuan ban")
He cares nothing for the code of our brotherhood.
Vulture: How did he go back on our code?
We were lucky to get away when Breast Mountain fell,
I urged him to come with me and join your brigade on Tiger Mountain.
(Terribles look at each other with satisfaction)
Vulture: Is he coming?
Every man is free to make his own choice,
But he shouldn't have —
He shouldn't have said such awful things about friends.
Vulture: What did he say?
Yang: He said....
Vulture: What?
Yang: Well....
Vulture (impatiently): Out with it, Old Hu, be quick.
Yang: He said —
Vulture has to take Commissioner Hou's —
Vulture: What?
(Sings.) Orders.
Vulture (leaps to his feet in anger, rests his right leg on the chair, then spins round and sits down): Ah! What! I take orders from him!
Terribles: Rubbish, who does he think he is?
Yang: That wasn't all he said.
Terribles: What else?
The Eight Terribles are a pack of worthless rats.
Terribles (enraged and shouting): What! That son of a bitch.
(Sings, switching to "xi pi liu shui")
He said he's a phoenix who wants a high branch to perch on, That Commissioner Hou is a big tree and his roots are deep.
Terribles: To hell with him.
As we were speaking he produced a map —
Vulture: Map?
A whole roll.
(Vulture leaves his seat and dances around Yang, coveting the map)
Vulture: The map!
(Switches to "yao ban" as he continues singing.)
He was intending to take it to Commissioner Hou to earn a promotion.
Vulture: Was it the Contacts Map?
Yang: Yes, the secret Contacts Map.
Vulture (worried): Then he's given it to Commissioner Hou?
Yang: Please let me finish.
(Continues singing.)
    Pleased with himself, he (With a satirical smile on his face.) grinned all over.
Vulture: So!
And brought out from the inside room,
(Switches to "liu shui".)
A jar of wine.
Vulture: Oh! Yang:
(Continues singing.)
I filled him three bowls, one after the other,
Vulture: Oh!
(Changes to "Yao ban" as he continues singing.)
Luan Ping got so drunk he couldn't see.
Terribles: Ha, ha ... he got drunk.
Yang: So taking my chance while he was dead drunk, I....
Vulture: Oh.
Yang: I....
Vulture: Killed the dog?
Yang: I couldn't do that. We've been pals for years.
Vulture: Oh, oh.... (Embarrassed by his slip, changes his tone.) Of course, of course. Friendship is important! Friendship is important! Ha, ha, ha!
Terribles (noisily): Of course, of course. Friendship is important! A true friend!
Vulture: Go on, Old Hu, go on.
Yang: He had his plans, but I had ideas of my own.
Vulture: What did you do?
Yang: I....
Vulture: Yes ?
(Sings "liu shui".)
I changed tunics with him while he was drunk,
Then jumped on the black-maned horse, and through
The snowstorm galloped directly to Tiger Mountain.
Vulture: You mean you've got the map, Old Hu?
(Laughs lightly. Changing to "kuai ban", sings.) Look, oh Brigadier Tsui,
This map here I present to you.
(Unfolds the map.) (The other bandits standing behind him, Vulture respectfully flips the dust from his sleeves and takes it. He examines the map.)
(Sings "xi pi san ban".)
The map I've thought of day and night,
(Yang gazes at the bandits vigilantly.)
(Switching to "yao ban".)
Today is in my hands.
(In wild joy.)
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Terribles: You're a marvel, Old Hu, quite a man. Ha, ha, ha!
Yang (meaningfully): With the map in our possession, Brigadier, the Mutanchiang area is ours.
Vulture: Right. Well said. When the Kuomintang army returns, I'll be a commanding general. And I'll make the rest of you brigadiers and division commanders.
Terribles: We rely on your beneficence, Chief. (Laugh wildly.)
(Yang laughs satirically.)
Vulture: Because of what you've done for Tiger Mountain, Old Hu, I proclaim you the Old Ninth. Yang: Thank you, Chief.
Vulture: We belong to the Kuomintang army, you should have a proper rank. (Pauses.) I appoint you full colonel and deputy regimental commander in the Fifth Peace Preservation Brigade of the Eastern Heilungkiang Region.
Yang: Thank you, Chief, for your promotion. (Going up the steps.) I shall look to you brothers for guidance.
Terribles: You shouldn't be so modest.
Bandit Chief of Staff: Bring wine!
Terribles: Hey, bring wine!
(Bandits enter with wine for all)
Bandit Chief of Staff: Drink, everyone. Drink to congratulate Old Ninth.
Terribles: Congratulations, Old Ninth.
Vulture: For delivering the Contacts Map and winning his spurs!
(Sings with pride "xi pi kuai er liu" )
To their congratulatory toast I drink my fill,
I shall not rest until my mission is fulfilled.
The day is yet to come for me to show my skill,
To write history I'll willingly shed my blood.
Bandits: Bottoms up!
(Standing high, Yang drains his bowl with a triumphant smile)
Yang (boldly): Ha. . .ha. . .ha. . .ha!

(Vulture and Bandit Chief Adjutant cast a sidelong glance at Yang)




Chiapi Valley. Home of Li Yung-chi, both inside and out. Noon. A snowstorm is raging.

Mother Li:
(Sings "er huang yao ban")
I'm ill and unwell, our grain is gone,
I call my son, but there is no reply.
Oh, the hatred of us poor, this debt of blood,
When will it ever be redeemed?
(Chang Ta-shan enters)
Ta-shan: Aunt. (Comes into the house)
Mother Li: It's Ta-shan!
Ta-shan: Are you feeling any better today, Aunt?
Mother Li: I was dizzier than ever when I got up this morning.
Ta-shan: Aunt, here is some sorghum bran.... (Hands it over)
Mother Li: Oh, Ta-shan you shouldn't....
Ta-shan: Aunt, Yung-chi is away but you have us neighbours.
(Ta-shan sets water to boil on the stove. Mother hi gratefully takes the sorghum bran into the inner room. Yung-chi, his forehead covered with bruises and his padded clothes torn, enters panting. Pushes open the door and comes into the house.)
Ta-shan (surprised): Yung-chi!
Yung-chi: Ta-shan!
(Mother Li emerges from the inner room)
Yung-chi: Ma!
Mother Li (surprised and overjoyed): Yung-chi!
(Sings "er huang san ban")
Can I be dreaming that you've returned?
It pains me to see you so battered and bruised;
Yung-chi: Mother.
Mother Li:
(Continues singing)
How did you escape
(Switches to "er liu"'.)
From the tiger's den?
I jumped down a cliff at the back of the mountain and got away.
Mother Li:
I'm overjoyed to see you home but I grieve
For my daughter-in-law and grandson.
(Sings "duo ban".)
The many crimes to be avenged are all
Engraved upon my heart.
The fury in my breast bursts into flame,
Some day I'll knife our foe to death.
(Voices offstage cry: "Soldiers are entering the village!" "Be off, quick!" PLA fighters shouting: "Don't go away, neighbours, we are your own people!")
Ta-shan: Another raid by Vulture?
Yung-chi: Are they after me?
Ta-shan: Hide, quick, I'll go out and take a look. (Pulls out a dagger and exit.) (Mother Li hurriedly shuts the door. Yung-chi wants to rush out but is stopped by his mother.)
Mother Li: You'd better hide yourself, son, do.
Yung-chi: Hide? Where can I hide, mother?
(Chung and Lu enter.)
Yung-chi: It's better to fight it out. It's me or them now. I break even if I take one of them, and two better still.
Mother Li: Yung-chi, you....
Lu (knocks at the door): Anybody home?
Yung-chi: Yes. We're not all dead yet.
(Yung-chi wrenches the door open. Mother Li hastily holds him back. Chung and Lu come into the house. Yung-chi moves closer to Mother Li protectingly.)
Lu: Neighbours!
Chung: Aunt!
Lu: Don't be afraid, Aunt. We're….
Yung-chi: Come to the point.
Lu (to Yung-chi): Neighbours, we're the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Yung-chi (looks them over): This "army" and that "army", I've seen plenty. Who knows what you really are! Speak out, whatever you want. If it's money, we haven't got any. If it's grain, your gang has already robbed us clean. If it's our life….
(Raises his fist.)
Mother Li (stops him): Yung-chi!
Chung: Neighbours, we are worker and peasant soldiers. We protect the people.
Yung-chi: That's what you say.
(Mother Li dizzy.)
Yung-chi: Ma!
Lu (to Chung): Aunt's not feeling well. We'll get our medic to come.
Chung: Right.
Yung-chi: Who are you trying to fool! (Supports his mother into the inner room.)
(Lu signals to Chung. They go out together.)
(Chief of Staff and Young Kuo enter.)
Chung: Chief of Staff!
Chief of Staff: How are things going?
Lu: An old woman is sick inside.
Chief of Staff: Send for our medic. Tell her to bring some grain.
Lu: Right. (Exit.)
Chung: It's really tough to do mass work here.
Chief of Staff: The villagers here don't understand us. They've been fooled before. Don't you remember — Howling Wolf tried to pass himself off as one of our scouts ?
Chung: I know that.
Chief of Staff: If we don't arouse the masses, Young Chung, we won't be able to get a firm foothold and wipe out Vulture. On the other hand, unless we destroy the bandits, the masses won't be really aroused.
Chung (smiles): I realize that.
Chief of Staff: Go and tell our men, we must be concerned about the welfare of the masses. We must explain our Party's policy patiently. We must carry out to the letter the Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention.﹡We've got to get things moving here by action.
Chung: Right. (Turns to leave.)
Chief of Staff: By the way, find out if Hunter Chang has arrived.
Chung: Right. (Exit.)
(Medical Orderly enters carrying a sack of grain.)
Medical Orderly: Chief of Staff! Where's the patient?
Chief of Staff (points to the house): There.
Medical Orderly (goes to the door): Hello, neighbour.
Chief of Staff: Our medic is here, neighbour. Open the door.
(Yung-chi rushes into the outer room, a dagger in his belt. His mother follows, trying to stop him)
Mother Li: Yung-chi, you mustn't….
Yung-chi: What do I fear? I can fight it out with them with this. (Stabs the dagger into the table)
Mother Li (very upset): Yung-chi, I beg you….(Faints.)
Yung-chi (supporting her hastily): Ma! Ma!
(Chief of Staff forces open the door. Goes in with Medical Orderly and Kuo. Protecting his mother, Yung-chi glares at Chief of Staff)
Chief of Staff: Give her first-aid, quick!
Medical Orderly: Yes.
(Chief of Staff slips off his coat and wraps it around Mother Li. Medical Orderly helps her into the inner room, followed by Kuo and Yung-chi. Chief of Staff pours some grain into the pot and sets it to boil. Yung-chi comes out for some water. Chief of Staff goes into the inner room)
Yung-chi (discovering the pot of gruel, deeply moved, pensively): The People's Liberation Army?
(Sings "er huang san yan")
These soldiers care for us folks and cure our ailments;
They're considerate, kind and helpful.
But soldiers and bandits were always of the same brood, always oppressing us.
What's happened today is certainly very strange.
Can the saviours we've longed for have really arrived?
Mother Li (offstage): Water.
(Yung-chi fills a bowl with gruel. Kuo emerges and takes it in. Chief of Staff comes out)
Chief of Staff: Your mother has come to, neighbour. Don't worry.
Yung-chi: ….
Chief of Staff: What's your name, neighbour?
Yung-chi: Li Yung-chi.
Chief of Staff: You were not born in these parts, I suppose?
Yung-chi: No. My family used to live in Shantung Province. My father worked in Tsinan but after the April 12 coup, he was killed by Chiang Kai-shek in a strike….
Chief of Staff (angered and in sympathy): Oh!. . . (Warmly) But how did you people get here?
Yung-chi: After father died, mother brought me here to try our luck.
Chief of Staff: What do you do?
Yung-chi: I'm a railway worker.
Chief of Staff (extremely excited): Fine! So we're all one big family.
Yung-chi (looks Chief of Staff over carefully): Whose troops are you anyhow ? What are you doing here in these mountain forests?
Chief of Staff (fondly): Neighbour!
(Sings, "er huang yuan ban")
We're worker and peasant soldiers, come
To destroy the reactionaries and change the world.
We've fought for years north and south for the revolution,
With the Party and Chairman Mao leading the way,
A red star on our army caps,
Two red flags of the revolution on our collars.
Where the red flag goes dark clouds disperse,
Liberated people overthrow the landlords,
The people's army shares the people's hardships,
We've come to sweep clean Tiger Mountain.
(His feelings bursting out like spring thunder, sings "er huang peng ban")
Our eyes are nearly worn out, looking for you day and night.
Who would have thought that here in the mountains today
You've come, fighting the bandits and saving the poor —
Here before us our own army!
(With feeling, switching to "yuan ban".)
Dear brothers,
I shouldn't have confounded right and wrong,
I shouldn't have taken friend for foe.
I am ashamed beyond words.
(Pushes down the dagger stabbed into the table.)
For thirty years I've been sweating like a slave.
Feeling these lashes and bruises I can hardly suppress my rage,
I struggle in a bottomless pit.
We have untold misery and wrath to pour out,
Those bandits we all hate to the core.
Some said our suffering would go on and on.
Who would have believed an iron tree could blossom,
That we would at last live to see this day.
(Changes to "duo ban".)
I'll go with the Party to wipe out those beasts,
Whatever the sacrifice and danger, be it fire or water,
When Tiger Mountain is being swept clean and free,
I, Yung-chi, in the front ranks will be.
(Lu calls offstage: "Chief of Staff!" Enters. Comes into the house.)
Lu: These villagers have come to see you, Chief of Staff.
(Villagers swarm in, together with some soldiers. Mother Li comes out, supported by Medical Orderly.)
Villager A: Superior officer....
A Soldier: Grandpa, we don't use such terms, call him commander.
Chief of Staff: Call me "comrade".
Chung: Chief of Staff, this is Old Chang.
Chief of Staff (comes forward and shakes the hunter's hand): So you're Old Chang, have you come from the forest?
Chang: We couldn't stay up there in the forest. We've moved in with Pao's uncle Ta-shan, here. Chief of Staff: Good girl.
Yung-chi: Old Brother Chang.
Chang: Ah, Yung-chi, our saviours are here at last.
Ta-shan: Commander, we're all burning with one desire —to attack Tiger Mountain.
Chief of Staff (loudly): Our PLA is winning big victories at the front, neighbours. The Mutanchiang area has been liberated.
Villagers: Wonderful!
Chief of Staff: Vulture has no place to flee now.
Ta-shan: Let's destroy his nest.
Yung-chi: Give us guns, commander.
Villagers: Yes, give us guns, please.
Yung-chi (excited): If we have guns, there isn't a man in Chiapi Valley who couldn't bring down two or three of those bandits.
Villagers: That's right.
Chief of Staff: You'll have your weapons. But none of you have any warm winter clothes and every family is short of grain. How can you go after the bandits in the deep mountain forests ?
Villagers: What can we do then ?
Chief of Staff: There are plenty of medicinal herbs in Chiapi Valley and lots of timber. If we get the narrow-gauge train running again, we can ship them out and buy clothing and grain in return.
Villagers: That's right.
Chief of Staff: You can also organize a militia. We'll get the train running again and you'll have food and clothing. When we fight Vulture, you'll be all the stronger.
Yung-chi: When can we start repairing the railway?
Chief of Staff: We can start right now. Let's all work together.
Villager A: It's heavy labour, commander.
Chung: Grandpa, we fighters are all from poor families. When we've guns in our hands, we fight; when we've tools in our hands, we work.
Yung-chi (steps forward and grasps Chief of Staff's hand with an outburst of feelings): We really are all one family, commander.
(Sings "er huang duo ban".)
We mountain folk mean what we say,
Our words are straight, our hearts are true,
To seize a dragon we'll go with you —
(Join in chorus.) Under the sea. Yung-chi:
To catch a tiger —
(In chorus.)
We'll follow you up the heights.
With the thunders of spring the earth will shake!
Then Vulture — (Holds up his dagger.)
Villagers and Soldiers:
(Sing in chorus "san ban".)
Your days are numbered.

(The army men and civilians form a tableau of heroes, militant, mighty and splendid)




Dawn. A clearing on top of Tiger Mountain. Crags and forts are visible against undulating hills covered with snow in the distance. On the right is a road leading to the foot of the mountain.

Vulture: Is this where Old Ninth usually does his exercises?
Bandit Chief of Staff: Yes.
Vulture: Where else has he been?
Bandit Chief of Staff: He's been around the forts on our five peaks.
Vulture: What! You even let him inspect our nine groups of twenty-seven forts?
Bandit Chief of Staff: He's one of us, isn't he? Why not show him how strong we are?
Vulture: I don't like the look of things. There's a lot of activity down below, and Howling Wolf still hasn't returned. None of us ever set eyes on Hu Piao before. Why did he show up at a time like this? We've got to be careful. (Bandit Chief Adjutant enters from the right)
Bandit Chief Adjutant: We've everything ready as you ordered, Chief.
Vulture: Good. Put him to the test, the way I told you last night.
Bandit Chief Adjutant: Yes, sir. (Exit on the right.)
(Vulture and Bandit Chief of Staff, seeing somebody approaching, leave quickly on the left front)
(Offstage sings "er huang dao ban")
Hacking through thorns and thistles,
I battle in the heart of the enemy. (Enters.)
(Changes to "hui long")
When I look into the distance and think of my
Comrades-in-arms, the army and the people, awaiting the signal
To attack these wolves, my spirits soar.
(Changes to "man ban".)
The Party places great hopes on me,
Comrades at the Party branch committee meeting offer weighty advice,
Their many exhortations give me strength,
Their flaming hearts warm my breast.
(Changes to "kuai san jan".)
I must never forget to be bold yet cautious,
And succeed through courage and wits.
The Party's every word is victory's guarantee,
Mao Tsetung Thought shines forever.
(Changes to "yuan ban".)
Tiger Mountain is indeed heavily fortified
With forts above and tunnels below.
The leadership's decision to use strategy is right,
A direct attack would mean heavy losses.
After seven days here I know the disposition well,
I have the secret report concealed on my person.
Now at daybreak, pretending to take a stroll, I'll send it out…. (Notices something.)
Why have the guards suddenly been increased ?
Something's up.
This message —
If I don't get this message out,
I'll miss the opportunity and ruin our attack plan,
And let the people and Party down.
(Changes to "er liu".)
Lunar New Year's Eve is fast approaching.
I mustn't hesitate, I must push on,
Though the grass be knives and the trees swords,
Down to the foot of the slope.
What though the mountain be tall?
Standing in the cold and melting
The ice and snow, I've the morning sun in my heart.
(The sun rises filling the sky with red clouds which tinge the sharp crags) (Offstage voices: "Hurry up." "I'm coming.")
(Alert, Yang removes his overcoat and pretends to do traditional exercises. Two bandit guards walk past on patrol. They hail him)
Bandit Guards: Good morning, Old Ninth!
Yang: Morning.
(Bandit guards go off, Yang ends his exercises. Shots ring out)
Yang: Shooting!
(Shouts in the distance: "Charge!" "Kill!" Nearer voices cry: "The Communists are coming!" The shooting increases.)
Yang: What? Can the comrades be here? (Thinks, comes to swift decision.) No, not at this moment. The comrades wouldn't have come before Chief of Staff received my message.
(The shooting becomes more intensive and shouts draw nearer.)
Yang: That shooting sounds fishy, too. That's another test. I'll reply to their trick with one of my own and get this message off. (Fires two shots in the air. Calls towards the left.) Brothers! The Communists are here. Come with me and fight!
(Four bandits enter.)
Yang: Charge, quick!
Bandits: Charge! Charge! (Go out.)
(Vulture and Bandit Chief of Staff enter stealthily. Bandit Chief Adjutant comes forward)
Vulture: Just a minute, Old Ninth.
Yang (shouts to bandits offstage): Stay where you are.
Bandit Chief Adjutant (hurriedly): Stop shooting.
(Bandits shout acknowledgement of the order)
Yang (to Vulture): What's the matter?
Vulture: It's a manoeuvre I ordered.
Yang: I'd have fired this clip and got a few of them, if you hadn't stopped me.
(Vulture laughs uproariously)
Yang: Why didn't you tell me you were arranging this manoeuvre, Chief?
Vulture: Don't let it bother you, Old Ninth. I didn't tell anybody about it. If you don't believe me, ask him. (Points at Bandit Chief Adjutant)
Bandit Chief Adjutant (hypocritically): Why, I thought the Communists were coming myself. Vulture: Ha, ha, ha!
Yang (with implied meaning): I wish they would. I'm just waiting for them.
Vulture: You're doing well, Old Ninth. (Laughs.)
(Bandit Captain enters on the right, escorting Bandit A.)
Bandit Captain: Move on!
(Bandit A falls to the ground.)
Bandit Captain: This fellow bumped into the wall outside, Chief.
Vultute: What!
Bandit A (trembling): We went down, under orders. Far off, we saw the narrow-gauge train running again. But before we got to Chiapi Valley, we ran into some Communist soldiers.
Vulture: Chiapi Valley, eh ? (Suspiciously) And you're the only one who got away ?
Bandit Chief Adjutant: Nine out of ten you were captured by the Communists and they let you go. Bandit A: No, no.
Vulture (draws bis gun and points it at Bandit A): You bastard!
Yang (intervenes): Why get excited, Chief? If he really had been a prisoner of the Communists he wouldn't dare come back.
Bandit Chief of Staff: That's right. Everyone knows how Chief hates any man who lets the Communists capture him.
Yang (to Bandit A): Get out of here. Can't you see you're making Chief angry?
Bandit Chief of Staff (kicks Bandit A): Beat it.
Bandit A (softly, as he goes out): Old Ninth is a good man.
Bandit Chief of Staff (to Bandit Captain): Give the order — tighten all defences.
Bandit Captain: Yes, sir. (Exit.)
Vulture (dejectedly): Eh!
Bandit Chief of Staff: I'll send some men down on a raid, Chief. That will be something to celebrate at the Hundred Chickens Feast.
Vulture: Not a bad idea, but you must be very careful this time.
Bandit Chief of Staff: Very well. (Exit.)
Yang: We've nothing to worry about, with the defences we've got on Tiger Mountain.
(Vulture chuckles with pride.)
Yang: But we shouldn't just sit here and wait for them to come after us.
Vulture: What do you think we should do?
Yang: We ought to practise charging.
Vulture: Oho!
Yang: And get our soldiers into top shape.
Vulture: Well.
Yang: Then, after the Hundred Chickens Feast, we'll roll down into Chiapi Valley.
Vulture (grabs Yang's hand): You're smart. Take command, Old Ninth. Put the men through some charging drill.
Yang: Right.
(Vulture laughs and exit with Bandit Chief Adjutant.)
Yang (softly, contemptuously): That dumb cluck.
(Sings "xi pi kuai er Hu".)
A fool and cheat,
Vulture plays another trick.
It gives me my chance down the mountain.
Comrade Teh-hua,
To fetch the message, we count on you,
When the time comes to rout the bandits
At the feast, victory song we'll sing.

(Throws open his coat in a dramatic pose.)




Morning. The day before lunar New Year's Eve. The scene is the clearing outside Yung-chi's house. A couplet written on red paper is pasted on the palisade gate. The joy of emancipation is everywhere.

(As the curtain rises the whistle of the narrow-gauge train is heard.) (Enter villagers with sacks of grain on their hacks. A girl shouts: "The narrow-gauge train is running again!" The villagers watch till the train is a great distance off, then they leave joyously. A young villager puts down the sack of grain he carries for Yung-chi's mother.)

Mother Li:
(Sings "xi pi I in shui".)
Soldiers and people are one family,
Happiness fills our mountain village.
A good snow falls, everyone smiles,
Dividing food and clothing, we celebrate liberation.
(Chief of Staff enters.)
Chief of Staff: Aunt!
Mother Li: Commander!
Chief of Staff: Have you got enough food and things for the New Year?
Mother Li: Plenty. Who would have dreamed that Chiapi Valley could have such a good New Year? If you PLA boys hadn't come, I don't know what we'd have done.
Chief of Staff: The best is yet to come.
Mother Li: We owe it all to the Communist Party and Chairman Mao.
(Chief of Staff puts the sack of grain on his back, ready to carry it in for Yung-chi's mother. Offstage, Yung-chi is drilling the militia. Their shouts, "One, two, three, four!", can be heard)
Mother Li (with admiration): Those militiamen are full of pep. But the ones who will have to stay behind to guard the village are grumbling, especially Pao. She just won't hear of it.
Chief of Staff: Oh, that girl....
(Offstage, the militiamen shout: "Charge, charge, charge!")
(Chief of Staff and Mother Li go off, talking.)
(Offstage, the drilling militiamen cry again: "Target straight ahead. Charge, charge, charge!")
(Pao backs in, with her eyes still on the drilling militia.)
(Sings "er huang xiao dao ban".)
Listen to the lusty shouts over the drill ground
(Changes to "hut long".)
Where they are busy training,
Full of fight to smash the enemy.
I'm so anxious to join them
That my heart's afire.
(Changes to "yuan ban".)
How I long for the day
When the bandits are slain and a blood debt repaid.
With deep hatred, morning and evening
I sharpen my sword and oil my gun.
On the high cliff the blizzard may blow,
Storm the tiger's den — that I dare.
Why then pick on me to guard the village?
(Changes to "duo ban".)
I must see the Chief of Staff at once
And tell him again what's on my mind.
My resolve is to fight on the battlefield,
For I've pledged to kill them all.
(Medical Orderly enters)
Medical Orderly: Pao!
Pao: Sister, put in a word for me. Let's go and see our Chief of Staff.
(Pao rushes Medical Orderly along. Chief of Staff comes out from Yung-chi's house. Yung-chi enters.)
Chief of Staff: Hey, what are you two talking about?
Pao: Uncle, let me go.
Chief of Staff: Well, the militia has got to protect the village, too.
Pao: Humph, I hate that Vulture so much, I've got to kill him with my own hands. How could you keep me here? I must go.
Chief of Staff: But you're too young, Pao.
Pao: What, me too young?
Medical Orderly: Chief of Staff, Pao is class-conscious and skis well. She's a good shot, and she can help me look after the wounded. Do let her go.
Yung-chi: Commander, this girl has been through much bitterness and is thirsting for revenge. Let her come along with us.
Chief of Staff: Militia leader, you're feeling the same way, eh!
Yung-chi: Let it be so.
Chief of Staff: So you are all of one mind. All right, then. It's settled.
Pao: Hurray! (Exit, leaping for joy, followed by Medical Orderly.)
Yung-chi: Commander, the prisoners Luan Ping and Howling Wolf have been taken away. (Secretly.) It looks like we're about to attack Tiger Mountain, eh ?
Chief of Staff: Impatient, aren't you?
(Yung-chi grins.)
Chief of Staff: How long should it take us to reach the back path of the mountain at the rate we ski now?
Yung-chi: It's eighty li longer than the direct approach. I think we can do it in a day and a night at most.
Chief of Staff: Good. See that your militia is fully prepared.
Yung-chi: I'll see to that! (Exit.) (Chung and Lu enter.)
Lu: Chief of Staff, why should we be marking time here? The comrades can all ski as fast as required....
Chung: And the militia has been organized....
Lu: And we've been sent reinforcements....
Chung: I think we ought to set out immediately. I'm sure we can win.
Chief of Staff: Comrades, we should guard against impetuosity at critical moments.
(Steadily, then sings "xi pi san ban".)
Wait patiently for orders.
Chung: Right. (Exit with Lu.)
Chief of Staff:
(Sings and changes to "yuan ban".)
Although I've urged patience
I can't keep calm myself.
The day to close in on the enemy is nearing.
But there's no sign of Shen returning with the message.
If anything goes wrong
(Changes to "kuai ban".)
I've another idea.
We mustn't miss
Our chance at the Hundred Chickens Feast.
Yung-chi says there's a dangerous
Trail up the back of the mountain,
Surprise and courage will carry us
Charging into Tiger Hall.
(Lo shouts and enters)
Lo: Shen is back, Chief of Staff.
(Shen enters.)
Chief of Staff (hurries forward): Comrade Teh-hua.
Shen (hands the message over, panting): I'm not late, am I ?
Chief of Staff (takes it): No, go and get some rest.
(Exit Shen supported by Lo.)
Chief of Staff (eagerly reads the message): ".. .A steep trail up the back of the mountain leads directly to Tiger HallBurning pine torches will be the signal." (Excitedly.) Good Old Yang! Hero! Hero! (Dark change.)
(Snow falls. Young Kuo shouts offstage: "Chief of Staff!" He enters running, followed by Ta-shan. Yung-chi enters)
Young Kuo: Report, Chief of Staff. When the train reached the West Branch River, the bridge had been wrecked. We got out to repair it and were attacked by bandits. We drove them off….
Chief of Staff: What about those two prisoners?
Young Kuo: Howling Wolf was killed by a stray bullet.
Chief of Staff: And Luan Ping?
Young Kuo: He escaped while we were chasing the bandits.
Chief of Staff: Escaped? (Aside) If he heads for Tiger Mountain, that'll be dangerous for Comrade Yang, and it may ruin our plan. (Turns to Young Kuo and Yung-chi) Assemble the detachment, quick.
Young Kuo and Yung-chi: Right. (Go off)
(A rail is struck, the call to fall in)
Chief of Staff: Comrade Ta-shan, you and Hunter Chang take over the defence of the village. Ta-shan: Right.
(Soldiers, militia, Hunter Chang, Mother Li and villagers enter)
Chief of Staff: Comrades!
(Sings "xi pi sew ban".)
The situation has suddenly changed,
Our task is pressing,
Every second counts.
To arms, comrades,
Let's fly forward. Forward march! (Dark change)

(A snowstorm. Soldiers and militia with Yung-chi as their guide set out quickly, braving wind and snow)

(At the foot of a cliff, they remove their skis. One soldier starts climbing and slips; two others mount, carrying ropes. One of them slips and tries again. They lower the ropes when they reach the top. Chief of Staff and his men grasp the ropes and follow) (When the soldiers descend a slope, some roll down, others leap. They press onward quickly and boldly)



Lunar New Year's Eve. In Tiger Hall.

(The curtain rises amid shouting: "Bring ‘liuzi' in!")
(A bandit enters with Luan Ping.)

Luan: Chief.
Vulture: Luan Ping!
Luan: Yes, sir.
Vulture: Adjutant Luan!
Luan: Chief.
Vulture: What brings you here?
Luan: I've come — to wish you a happy birthday. Ho, ho....
Vulture: Where did you come from?
Luan: I.... Vulture: Humph!
Luan: I....
Terribles: Speak! Out with it!
Luan: I . . . I've come from Commissioner Hou.
Vulture: So you've been with Commissioner Hou.
Luan: Yes.
Vulture: Summon Old Ninth!
Bandit: Old Ninth, you are wanted.
(Yang enters, a red Officer of the Day sash across his chest)
Yang: Everything is ready for the feast, Chief.
Vulture: Look who's here, Old Ninth.
Yang (startled at the sight of Tuan Ping but controls himself instantly. Seizing the enemy's weaknesses, he gets the upper hand by taking the initiative): Oh, Brother Luan. Why have you come here? How are you getting along? What post did Commissioner Hou give you ? I, Hu Piao, congratulate you on your promotion. (Luan dumbfounded.)
Terribles (mockingly): What are you now — a regimental commander? (Laugh.)
(Yang gazes at Luan calmly and sternly. Recognizing Yang, Luan is bewildered.)
Vulture: What kind of post did Commissioner Hou give you?
Luan (smiles wickedly): Hu Piao, my eye! No. . .you're mistaken….
Yang (forestalling him): Me mistaken or you the one who's mistaken? I, Hu Piao, was friend enough and was playing the game. Not at all like you, Luan Ping. I advised you to join Brigadier Tsui, but you tried to drag me off to Commissioner Hou. You can't say I wasn't playing fair. (Presses on.) Answer Chief. What business brings you here?
Luan (turns away from Yang): Chief, listen to me....
Yang: Cut it out. Today is Chief's fiftieth birthday. There's no time for your nonsense.
Vulture: Right. Come to the point. I want to know why you've come.
Luan: To join Chief's forces and make good.
Vulture: Oh!
Yang: Then why did you go seeking an appointment from Commissioner Hou?
(Luan tries to explain to Vulture, stumbles.)
Yang: Why has the commissioner sent you here? The truth, now!
Terribles: Out with it and quick! Why have you come?
Luan: I'm not from Commissioner Hou.
Bandit Chief of Staff: But that's not what the bastard said a moment ago. He certainly changes his tune fast. Quite a bird.
(The bandits laugh uproariously.)
Luan (suddenly): Stop laughing! You've been fooled. He is not Hu Piao. He's a Communist armyman!
(Terribles draw their guns and point them at Yang.)
Yang (calmly): Ha, ha, ha! Well, so I'm a Communist armyman, since you say so. Now tell Chief and the big brothers here more about this Communist armyman.
Vulture: That's right. You say he is not Hu Piao but a Communist armyman. How did you come to know him?
Luan (stammers): He. . .he. . . he. . . .
Bandits: Heh.
Luan: He.. ..
Yang: All this fellow can do is stammer and contradict himself. He's up to some trick, Chief.
Bandit Chief of Staff: I bet he was caught by the Communists, and then released.
Luan: No. . . no
Yang: Did the Communists set you free? Or did they send you here?
Terribles: Speak!
Luan: I....
Bandit Chief Adjutant: The Communists sent you, didn't they?
Luan: I....
Terribles: Speak. Be quick!
(Luan stares, tongue-tied.)
Yang: Chief, our defences on Tiger Mountain are absolutely watertight, and the Communists can't get in. But now this fellow has come. There's something fishy about this.
Luan (hastily): There isn't. I swear!
Yang: Luan Ping!
(Sings "xi pi kuai ban".)
Capricious, sinister fellow,
Your evasiveness surely conceals tricks.
To our fortress you came, leaving your tracks
In the snow for the Communists to follow.
(Walks to the steps and calls?) Captain!
(Bandit Captain comes forward, followed by five bandits.)
Bandit Captain: Here.
Double the guard and keep a close watch,
Let no one off duty without my order.
Vulture: Right. Without Old Ninth's order, no one is to leave his post.
Bandit Captain: Yes, sir. (Exit.)
(Terribles nod approvingly.)
Vulture (comes down from his seat, grasps Luan and throws him to the ground): You treacherous dog. First you tried to get Old Ninth to go with you to Commissioner Hou. Now you come here to divide us and want to bring the Communists in. This is too much.
Luan: He's not Hu Piao, Chief. He's really a Communist armyman.
Yang: What a snake you are, Luan Ping! (Walks down the steps.) You're trying to do me in by Chief's hand. Too bad I didn't bump you off when we had drinks at White Pines Dale.
Terribles: That's right.
Yang: Chief, I've never let myself be pushed around by little men. For your sake, I've offended this mad dog so he's attacking me viciously. If you believe that I'm a Communist armyman, then finish me off at once. If you believe that I'm Hu Piao, then permit me to leave this mountain. It's either him or me; keep him or keep me. You decide as you please, Chief. (Removes bis sash and tosses it onto the ground) (Vulture dumbfounded)
Bandits (softly): You mustn't leave, Old Ninth, you mustn't leave.
Bandit Chief of Staff : Old Ninth mustn't leave, Chief.
Terribles: That's right. Old Ninth mustn't leave. Old Ninth mustn't leave!
Bandits: Old Ninth mustn't leave....
(Bandit Chief of Staff picks up the sash and hands it to Vulture)
Vulture (laughs): Don't be childish, Old Ninth. Put it on, put it on. I will treat you right.
Bandit Chief of Staff (takes the sash from Vulture): Put it on, Old Ninth. (Puts it on Yang.)
Luan (realises the situation is going against him, pleads): Chief....
Vulture (brushes him aside): Humph!
(Luan sinks to the ground with fear. Vulture returns to his seat.)
Luan (pleads again): Chief! (Seeing no response from Vulture and to save his own skin, prostrates himself before Yang.) Brother Hu Piao! (Yang ignores him. The bandits shower Luan with abusive remarks.)
Luan (slaps his own face): I. . . I'm trash, I'm worthless, I ought to be hanged!
Yang (shouts to the assembled bandits): The hour has come. Let everyone congratulate Chief on his birthday.
Bandits: Get ready, everybody. Congratulate Chief on his birthday!
Bandit Chief of Staff: It's your fiftieth birthday today, Chief. You mustn't let this cur spoil everything.
Bandit Chief Adjutant: It will be bad luck for Tiger Mountain if you don't blot out this evil star.
Bandits: Yes. He must be killed, killed!
Luan: Big brothers, Brother Hu Piao, brothers. . .. (Kneels down before Vulture) Chief... spare me....
Vulture (head high, laughs ominously): Ha! Ha! Ha!...
Luan (terrified): Chief, spare me!...
(Vulture waves his hand)
Terribles: Kill him!
Luan: Chief, spare me!...
Bandit Chief Adjutant: Take him away.
Yang: I'll do it.
Luan: Old Ninth! Spare me
(Yang seizes Luan, who is paralysed with fright)
(Sings "xi pi kuai ban")
You've robbed and killed for dozens of years,
Your bloody hands have committed towering crimes.
To avenge the people, in the nation's name,
I sentence you to death.
(Yang takes Luan by the collar, drags him out, moving briskly on both legs. Shots are heard. Yang re-enters, followed by Bandit Captain.)
Yang: Everything is ready for the celebration. Allow us to offer our respects, Chief.
Vulture: You're Officer of the Day, Old Ninth. You take over.
Yang: Brothers!
Bandit Captain: Here.
Yang: Light the lamps in the hall, burn pine torches outside. Let's offer our best wishes for Chief's birthday.
Bandit Captain: Yes, sir. (Exit)
Bandits: Best wishes to you, Chief.
(Terribles and other bandits bow to Vulture. Bandit Captain enters.)
Yang (jumps on a stump): Brothers, let's eat and drink our fill. Get good and drunk…..
Bandits: Right. We'll get good and drunk.
Yang: Please be seated at the table, Chief.
Vulture: After you, brothers.
Yang: It's your fiftieth birthday, Chief. You must be seated first.
Terribles: Yes, yes. You must be seated first, Chief.
Vulture: All right. Let's go. (Beside himself with elation) Ha! Ha! Ha!
Bandits: After you, Chief. Let's eat and drink our fill. Ha, ha, ha! (Leave for the adjoining cave room.)
Yang (steps down the stump): Captain!
Bandit Captain: Here.
Yang: Call in the brothers on guard and let them drink their fill.
Bandit Captain: Yes, sir. (Exit.)
(Yang looks around, goes near Vulture's armchair to see the secret tunnel. Bandits can be heard playing drinking games in the adjoining cave room. Yang steps up the stump.)
(Sings "xi pi kuai er Hu")
The mountain is a blaze of lights on New Year's Eye
(Walks down the stump),
This is the signal to our troops.
The Hundred Chickens Feast has started as planned,
The bandits are drunk and befuddled.
I hope the comrades will come quickly
And smash this den of stubborn enemies.
How time drags, when I'm impatient,
Why haven't the comrades gone into action?
I long to go out and have a look.
(Starts to go, then halts)
(Bandits can be heard playing rowdy drinking games) (Yang controls himself. Changes to "yao ban")
But I must keep calm at this critical moment and block this secret tunnel.
(Vulture, Bandit Chief of Staff and others enter drunk, staggering)
Vulture: Why don't you join the feast, Old Ninth? Everyone wants to drink to your health.
Bandit Chief of Staff and Bandit Chief Adjutant: That's right.
Yang: Today's your fiftieth birthday. It's your health we should be drinking to. Fill Chief's bowl. (Laughs.)
Vulture: Fill the bowl. Bottoms up, Old Ninth!
Yang: Bottoms up, Chief.
(Everyone drinks.)
(Shots are heard. Bandits throw down their bowls in a panic. PLA men shout offstage: "Lay down your guns or die!" Terrible A enters running, followed by other panic-stricken bandits)
Terrible A: The Communists have sealed off the entrance to Tiger Hall with machine-guns. Vulture (astonished): Let's get out, brothers. Hurry!
Bandits: Charge! Charge!
Vulture: Into the tunnel with me, Old Ninth, quick.
(PLA men, offstage, yell: "Lay down your guns or die!” Vulture pushes over the armchair, but Yang shoves him aside)
Yang: You're not getting away!
(Two PLA men somersault in shouting: "Halt!")
Vulture (to Yang): What! You're....
Yang: A member of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Vulture: Ah!
(Vulture draws his gun. Yang kicks it out of his hand. Vulture runs off. Yang shoots Terrible A dead. Shen charges in, followed by Lu, Yung-chi, Pao, Medical Orderly and other soldiers.)
Shen: Old Yang!
Yang: There's a secret tunnel here, comrades. (Points at the spot below the armchair.) Rescue the villagers and catch Vulture alive. (Runs to pursue Vulture.)
Shen: Charge, comrades!
(Soldiers and militia pursue in different directions, shouting: "Kill!")
(Shen guards the tunnel. Terrible B enters, running. Shen stops him with a shout. They lock in a bayonet fight. Shen makes a lunge at his opponent and wounds him)
(Bandit Chief of Staff enters, raises his pistol and fires at Shen, who dodges. The bullet hits Terrible B and kills him. Shen fights with Bandit Chief of Staff.)
(Lo enters and kicks Bandit Chief of Staff's pistol out of his hand)
(Terribles C and D rush in and join in the fight. Shen pursues one of the bandits and is off)
(Bandit Chief of Staff tries to lift the drapery on the armchair and escape through the secret tunnel. Lo shouts, "Stop!" and jumps onto the armchair. Bandit Chief of Staff tumbles to the ground with fright. Lo continues to fight with Terribles C and D.) (Bandit Chief of Staff, dagger in hand, pounces on Lo standing on the armchair. Lo alertly jumps up and with a somersault lands below the steps. Both sides continue to wrestle) (Pao rushes in after Terrible E. Bandit Chief of Staff is wounded in the left arm by Lo and runs off. Lo and Pao continue to fight with other bandits and capture two of them. "Move on!" Pao shouts and leads them off)
(Yung-chi, Medical Orderly, soldiers and militia, with villagers the bandits had been holding captive, walk across the stage and are off.) (Lo signs to Yung-chi to guard the tunnel and goes off)
(Yung-chi guards the tunnel. Bandit Captain enters, running and bumps into Yung-chi. "Kill!" Yung-chi shouts and shoots him dead. Terrible F rushes in. Yung-chi catches him and throws him to the ground. Terrible F is captured)
Yung-chi: Don't move! Get going!
(A PLA man enters with two bandit prisoners. Yung-chi motions to him to guard the tunnel and leads the prisoners off)
(The soldier guards the tunnel. Bandit Chief Adjutant rushes in with two bandits. The PLA man disperses them, and they lock in a fierce fight)
(Yang enters and fires two shots, killing two bandits scrambling to escape through the tunnel. Bandit Chief Adjutant runs off, followed by the soldier)

(Yang jumps up the steps to guard the tunnel. Vulture steals in and raises his sabre to bring it down on Yang's back. Yang adroitly dodges and raises his pistol but finds it's run out of ammunition. Vulture chuckles with glee. Yang wrestles with him, grabs his sabre and fights on with slashes and thrusts, landing him in a passive position)
(Bandit Chief Adjutant rushes in and aims his pistol at Yang. Yung-chi enters and knocks the pistol out of his hand. Yang picks up the pistol, kills several bandits and shoots Bandit Chief Adjutant dead on the armchair. Vulture and all the bandits are captured)
(Chief of Staff, Shen, Yung-chi, Medical Orderly, Young Kuo and militia enter) (Pao, raging, wants to stab Vulture. Medical Orderly restrains her)
Chief of Staff (pumps Yang's hand, very moved): Old Yang!
Yang: Chief of Staff!
(Chief of Staff introduces Yung-chi to Yang. The two warmly clasp hands. Dramatic pose amid militant, triumphant strains of music)


﹡ Three Main Rules of Discipline are as follows:
(1) Obey orders in all your actions.
(2) Do not take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses.
(3) Turn in everything captured.
The Eight Points for Attention are as follows:
(1) Speak politely.
(2) Pay fairly for what you buy.
(3) Return everything you borrow.
(4) Pay for anything you damage.
(5) Do not hit or swear at people.
(6) Do not damage crops.
(7) Do not take liberties with women.
(8) Do not ill-treat captives.
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