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 wealth destroying china

the dengists frequently use "wealth" as a way to legitimize themselves. they claim that because they brought you high rises, skyscrapers, and name brand clothes, you should trust them, and respect them, but this logic doesnt work.

the question ought to be, where did this wealth come from?

a lot of it came from abroad, and from hk, tw. here's the next question, why would the west, hk, and tw bring loads of money? the parasites call it "investment". investment means that you will get back more money than you put in, and thats exactly what the parasites got, but at what cost? most of them ran sweat shops where workers were exploited, and normally, the west wasnt doing the exploitation. for this, they relied on local compradores. the dengists sold china out to these exploiters. prior to dengism, the chinese workers owned their own destiny. the factories belonged to the workers. now, the workers belonged to foreign exploiters.

this brings us to our next point.

domestically, the primary beneficiaries of china's capitalist road are compradores. these compradores are enemies of the people. they were probably criminals during the cultural revolution. today, they run the show, and set the trends. these people are deceptive, selfish, and greedy, leading society into the abys. they are the ones responsible for making fake nikes. they'll do most anything for a dollar. theyre also the ones running the sweat shops. dengists call accomodating the west, a win win situation. i call it a lose lose situation. 40 yrs ago, chinese people trusted each other. 40 years of capitalism later, the chinese dont trust each other. and that says a lot. if you ask for directions, many people are afraid to answer. chinese capitalism has destroyed chinese society. this shows that china is on the wrong track.

compradores are generally not interested in making china great. in fact, these compradores make up the majority of chinese who emigrate overseas. usually, once they emigrate overseas, they dont look back. they go where the money is, and generally dont have a concept of patriotism. this is why china's wealth has not only not helped china, but also harmed it. by propping up this compradore class, china has enabled the majority of chinese to be exploited. it also allows these compradores to be trend setters, this is why china has gone through the biggest moral decline in chinese history. compradores generally like to buy foreign imported products; study abroad; vacation in western or 1st world countries; buying property.  this means that whatever money china makes from its sweat shops, it all ends up going back to the pockets of their western masters.

what the dengists dont mention is, they brought skyscrapers, gucci hand bags, and bmw's, but what came with that is what all the inperialists complain about. it is also what chinese people are most concerned about. coruption, fraud, and polution. during the comunist era, these were not problems. in fact, we can say that the 3 were at the lowest during the cultural revolution. it wasnt til deng seized power that the 3 started to take off, and spiraled out of control after deng died. if dengism, and revisionism are credited for skyscrapers, gucci, and bmw, then why arent they also credited with coruption, polution, and fraud?

the past 40 yrs has seen china's market used to prop up the west. the compradores who buy foreign products, and spend their money in the west are feeding the west, who in turn are able to project inperialism directly as a result of money earned from china. not only can the west use chinese money to opres the world, the west also uses chinese money to destabilize china itself, perpetuating a vicious cycle, where chinese make products, westerners make money, and then westerners continue endlessly to enslave the chinese people. this is what deng, and dengism has brought us. it is nothing to be proud of. what the chinese are doing is digging their own grave.

since the compradores are the ones who will do anything for a dollar, theyll also sabatoge china, just like the compradores in tw, and hk have spear headed the anti chinese movement around the world, mainland compradores have, will, and are responsible for such a role. in the future, the 300 million chinese compradores will be the warriors for western inperialism, if they arent already. the dengists have loaded the bank accounts of these compradores, just so they can destroy china. the cultural revolution did its best to limit the power of these compradores. the dengists only maximized it.

the wealth has done nothing for china as a whole. when chinese travel abroad, they are still the most hated people on earth. they are beaten no matter where they go. they were beaten from the 1st world to the 3 world. ethnic chinese are regularly dragged off planes in the west. in italy, chinatowns were shut down as a result of anti chinese sentiments. in 2011, right before the west invaded libya, china had to evacuate 30,000 workers. in 2014, anti chinese riots resulted in chinese being killed, and beaten in vietnam. the lesson learned here is, no matter how much money you give the west, you cant buy their respect, and despite being theyre cash cow, they will generate the maximum amount of hatred towards you. dengists wasted trillions of hard earned chinese money, and threw it away, giving it to the west. the result is that china is in the worst shape it's ever been in 5000yrs.

china has lost on every front. in the past, chinese would say that anyone who invaded china would become chinese themselves, because chinese culture is so strong. we saw that when both the manchus, and mongols invaded han areas, they became sinicized, but what deng has done with his foreign worshiping, is sacrificed chinese culture. a lot of spin doctors like to claim that mao, or the cultural revalution is what destroyed chinese culture, but actually, evidence proves otherwise. it wasn't until 78, that we saw a major desinicization throughout china. throughout the cultural revalution, western ideas were somewhat taboo, and it wasnt until 78, that china started to embrace "western standards", all while voluntarily surrender their culture. for the first time in history, we are seeing chinese culture disapear, thanks to these sell outs. chinese people look like clowns as they walk down the street with their dyed blond hair, listening to wang li hong. some people may say, well, this is a global trend, and maybe this is true to an extent, but lets look at our indian, and arab brothers. theyve been able to hold onto their culture much better than the chinese. they maintain a lot of their family traditions, clothing, and names. on the other hand, we see so many chinese call themselves "joe", or "joan". some of the most famous chinese are adopting foreign names like jackie chan, and jet li. this shows us that something is very wrong with the chinese leadership. even the sell outs in japan are keeping their original names. under mao, chinese people were somewhat proud to be chinese. even hongers, and taiwanese had a sense of pride in being chinese, but ever since 78, things have just gone downhill. today, youre more likely to see a honger, and taiwanese assuming japanese names than you are to find a patriotic honger, or taiwanese. for those who subscribe to the idea that the cultural revolution, or mao destroyed chinese culture, how do you explain why chinese culture has been eroded from hk, and tw? as far as i know, mao was never in hk, or tw, nor did hk/tw ever experience a cultural revalution. so why is it that hk, and tw is much less chinese than the mainland? the frequency of people named "joe", or "joan" is much lower on the mainland than in hk/tw. much fewer mainlanders assume foreign names than in hk/tw. this leads us to believe that hk/tw has done a much better job at "destroying chinese culture" than the mainland. hk/tw women are also much more loose, and willing to sleep around. chinese tradition forbids this kind of behavior. hk/tw doctors write exclusively in english when making notes on patients, while mainland doctors still use chinese. taiwanese refer to basement levels as b1, and b2, prefering to use roman alfabets as their western masters do, but mainlanders still use chinese to refer to basement levels as fuyi, and fuer. the number of chinese with dyed hair is also much higher in hk/tw, indicating that hk/tw are drifting much further than mainlanders from chinese tradition. hongers and taiwanese are also much more likely to use foreign phrases than mainlanders. for example, the taiwanese refer to old women as obasan, and the hongers refer to their mothers as mami. hongers and taiwanese are also much more likely to drink coffee than mainlanders. but wait a minute, chinese people dont drink coffee, they drink tea, so why are these vanguards of chinese culture drinking coffee? so they can be more like their gwailo masters? hongers and taiwanese are quick to blame the mainland for "destroying chinese culture", but they're the ones who have done the most damage themselves. with the erosion of chinese culture first under the hongers, and taiwanese, then under deng, one can conclude that it is capitalism that has been the most destructive towards chinese culture, not mao, and not the cultural revalution. in fact, it was deng who switched from li to kilometers in measuring distance. in fact, deng got rid of the whole chinese measurement system, embracing "western standards" once gain. as far as i can tell, no maoist ever called herself "sakura"; nor did they drink coffee; refer to their mothers as mami; dye their hair blond; or take notes in english. destruction of chinese culture has been, and is directly linked to capitalism.
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