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 China's new failed ideology

Often times, we are trained to think in a binary way. However, there are many grey areas. The world is no longer divided into one sphere. After 78, China merged with the west, and independence no longer exists.

listening to some chinese shils, it reminds me of some of the things today's china, or post 78 china has been doing wrong. the one thing that revisionist china focuses on is nationalism. they want to emphasize the unity of chinese people. now while theres nothing wrong with unifying chinese people, nationalism also alienates many people. if you think about it, china's closest ally isn't hong kong, taiwan, or singapore, it's pakistan, a country that isnt chinese at all. in fact, it's a muslim country. this just shows us that people are joined by interests, and common values, not nationality, or even ethnicity. in fact, you can say that the most anti chinese regimes are actually hong kong, taiwan, and singapore. this point is something the chinese leaders have failed to recognize, but none the less, they don't care, they just want to keep practicing a failed policy.

the chinese have failed at both nationalism, and internationalism, but it wasnt always like this. before 76, china had focused on unifying the 3world, which it had been fairly successful at. it was not uncommon for proletariat throughout the 3world to say "china will lead the 3world someday". obviously no one would say that today because china has all but abandoned the 3world's revalutionary causes, and stepped away from their leadership role in order to better serve their western masters. even in times of crisis, china practices a "noninterference" policy, allowing western inperialists to do whatever they hell they want. on the other side, despite china's efforts at nationalism, more, and more taiwanese, and hongers are anti chinese, and it would be hard to find a patriotic honger, or taiwanese. singapore, and malaysia is also a country who is staunchly anti chinese despite having chinese ancestry. on the mainland, there are more and more pro western/anti chinese voices. so china's policy had led to losses on all fronts, making china weaker overall. the moral of the story is that nationalism doesnt work, especially when run by a weak rejime like hua/deng/jiang/hu/xi, etc. what doesnt make sense is how china is trying to get the support of the overseas community, yet, china does not recognize these overseas chinese as chinese citizens. in contrast, countries like italy allows for italian desendants (ie italian amerikans) to apply for italian citizenship, china does not allow its diaspora to apply for citizenship. this act alone will alienate the overseas chinese community. if china doesnt give its overseas community citizenship, then why should the diaspora support china if china wont even give them any status?  furthermore, when china shows weakness against western inperialists, chinese people pick up on that, and back away from china. some extremists will even turn against china in the face of a strong west, and weak china. people are like animals, if they see a leader show weakness, then they lose confidence in him.

why do i say china is weak? well, to explain this, we have to look at the kultural revalution. by looking at the kr, we can contrast china between this stronger period, with the weaker period that followed. during the 60s, china was supporting guerila fighters all over the world. their main target was western inperialists. so for example, china would back fighters from indonesia against the dutch colonists. it was these kinds of actions that showed the world that china was not afraid to take on the inperialits. however, after mao died, the new chinese rejime abandoned the whole movement. they stopped backing these fighters, and chose to cooperate with the inperialits rather than fight them. in many cases, china even told people to obey the west. by understanding this context, you will see why china has become weak now. essentially what we have here is, china went from leading a resistance of western inperialism to being an accomplice.

although china has stopped fighting against the west, the west never stopped fighting against china. just to name a few situations, sudan was an ally of china, so the west went in there and took over south sudan, the part of sudan with the oil. china did nothing. this indicates weakness. myanmar is another country that is suffering from western destabilization. myanmar started out being pro china, but compradores have been making gains. unsurprisingly, china has done anything to stop the spread of western inperialism. china just rolled over. taiwan. time and time again the us sells weapons to tw, and china has done nothing to stop it. they complain about it for 2 days, and then goes back to buying amerikan products, and lending the west money. theres also a very strong anti chinese movement in tw, and china has nothing little or nothing to counter it. it's not just tw though. a very similar situation is hapening in hong kong, where there is a very strong anti chinese, and pro western movement going on there. that (pro western/anti chinese movement) makes people lose confidence in china. in the face of ordinary people, china appears weak. anti chinese movements would have never been able to take off during the kultural revalution without being met by resistance from the pro chinese. however, today the west is fighting a 1 way battle where they are crushing chinese interests, and china just accepts it. looking back, in 67, china sparked an anti western, pro chinese movement in hk. how ironic it is that in only 40yrs, the west has flipped the scripts on china. a normal person would expect a strong china to retaliate, but china has failed to do that. china has not backed any pro chinese, anti western movements anywhere in the world. if you look on most western websites and forums, you will see them littered with anti chinese trolls from the west. even if you go on chinese sites like china daily, you see swarms of anti chinese trolls. however, there is no retaliation from the chinese side. a typical situation on a chinese website would be, pro western troll enters chinese forum. pro western troll accuses china of having human rights violations. chinese trolls claim that isnt true, and thats the best the chinese troll can do, but here's what a true warrior would do. in addition to claiming that wasnt true, he would be able to make 2 follow up posts showcasing western human rights violations. however, china fails to do that, and this is why the world does not side with china. china does not try to defend its reputation against the western trolls. most overseas chinese reading this are likely to perceive this one way, china is weak. the message china is sending is that it is unwilling, and or unable to defend china's reputation. it is therefore very unlikely for overseas chinese to side with such a cowardly rejime. for those with no connection with china, they are even less likely to side with china, because of all the negative 1 sided press coverage that china gets from the western corporate media. it is also likely for domestic chinese who are in the know to view their own goverment as being cowardly. it is much more likely for those who remember the kultural revalution to view it this way, because theyve actually seen an assertive china, a china that is long gone, but not forgotten. logically speaking, if this pattern continues, then china will lose, and suffer the fate of the ussr. the battle is not just on the streets though. china has been losing the internet battle. where the west strikes hard at china on websites, china has done little or nothing to strike back. there is very little, if any prapaganda on the internet that is noticably anti western/anti inperialist. the west, and their lackeys have infiltrated every corner of the web, including wechat, qq, 163, sina, but there is virtually no anti western prapaganda on google, facebook, or skype. based on these stats alone, it is fairly obvious that china is fighting a losing battle, if china is even fighting at all. which brings me to my next point, on the surface it appears that china is indeed not fighting at all. the emotion this will invoke in the general public would be, if china isnt fighting, then why should we. china's typical irresponsible response to that is, it should be ordinary people who should lead
the charge. judging by the last 40yrs, relying on the people to lead the charge with the absence of the strong leader will get you nowhere. what we are witnessing today is an army with no officers, or an army with officers all strung out on opium. inaction, and lack of motivation will  likely to lead to the disolution of china. without the support of the people (due to loss of faith), china has already lost half the battle.

another problem that stands out to me with china is, today's china dictates to chinese people that they should follow the party. this ideology is in direct conflict with the founding principles of the peoples republic. the party wants people to blindly follow the party, but some people aint having it. they see that china is weak, and unable to respond to western agresion. they also see (conciously, or unconciously) that china has the west's interests as a priority. would you trust a party that sends millions of tourists to western countries hostile to china? would you trust a party that sends millions of students to western countries hostile to china? would you trust a party that gives away trillions to western rejimes hostile to china? even a simpleton can see that china's most basic policies are selling out china, because china is giving trillions away to countries that are hostile to china when china can use the money on its own poor citizens, but thats not what the revisionists are doing.

the peoples republic was founded on demokratic principles of the party following the people, and these demokratic principles reached its height during the kultural revalution. people were initially drawn to the comunist party because of its demokracy, but now that the comunist party isnt comunist anymore, theres very little appeal to it, and the comunist party has lost the majority of its followers. furthermore, todays "comunist" party serves the bourgeoisie. this comes directly at the cost of the proletariat's way of life. what makes matters worse is that the bourgeoisie are heavily mobile. many of the bourgeoisie have aims of emigrating overseas, therefore, it wouldnt be beneficial to china for the goverment to serve the bourgeoisie, because the bourgeoisie could very well be gone in a few years, taking with them the wealth generated by china's reforms. in fact, thats whats been going on the past 40yrs. this is why you dont really see china itself getting any richer. what we see are a small group of bourgeoisie getting richer, bourgeoisie with dreams and goals of emigrating overseas and enjoying their lives, not goals of making china a better place.this is why, despite china's claims of riches, chinese sidewalks still have no lights, and most toilets still have no toilet paper. money is being diverted to such places like building mansions, and buying foreign luxury products like gucci handbags, iphones, or bmw cars, which to does nothing to enhance the lives of ordinary people. in fact, this actually puts chinese people at a direct disadvantage, because if people are buying iphones, then certainly they wont be buying xiaomis. at the same time, if people are buying bmws, then theyre not buying roewes.

todays china has become undemokratic, expecting the people to follow the party. this is precisely the direction china was heading in 1965. this is why mao launched the kultural revalution to begin with. looking at china today, it turns out that a kultural revalution was necesary. also, looking at all the so called "victims" of the kultural revalution, and their greedy, selfish, disgusting dekadent values today, we can see that their persecution was justified.
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