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 China is lost

China is so lost that it has been siding with its enemies for the past 40yrs, instead of standing up for what is right. Yet still, the Chinese authorities claim this failed policy is a success, but we can see it is about as successful as Gorbachev's policies.

china has been criticising north korea for testing missiles. china claims that north korean missile tests will draw agresion from usa and its pupets, but this logic is likely to be unfounded. firstly, usa claims that it's interfering in regional issues because of north korean tests, but that doesnt mean usa is really interfering because of north korean tests. everyone knows that usa is targeting china, not north korea. so, practically speaking, it doesnt matter what north korea does. usa can simply make up a reason to interfere in regional issues or use military provokations. none of the usa provokations have to be linked to north korea. even if north korea didnt exist, usa could still find an excuse to conduct military provakations. and even if the usa had no reason at all, it can still execute military agresion.
let's go back to the original korean war. did usa need a reason to start a war? of course not. north korea in 1953 wasnt conducting missile tests, yet usa still found its way into korea. then we had the vietnam war. again, usa didnt need a reason to invade vietnam. they just felt like it. and thats all the reason they needed. fast fwd to today, and nothing has changed. usa still does what it wants. and in many ways, usa is much more dangerous than it was in 1966, because today, there is no ussr, and china has given up its global peoples war. the result is, usa is the undisputed hegmon of the world. unfortunately, there is no one left to check usa.
so when china says that north korea will draw military agresion from the west, they are wrong. usa has a history of creating fictitious enemies and threats to justify their expansion. they dont need real reasons or proof of anything to put pressure on china. who's to say that a desprate usa wont crash a plane into the empire state building and blame it on chinese hijackers? lord knows how many times usa accused china of "hacking their computers" with very little evidence, or transparency to back up the claims.
every sane person in the world knows that north korea will not launch pre emptive strikes against usa or its pupets, so it shouldnt matter if north korea has nukes or not. any military action taken by north korea has been, and will be a direct response to usa, or south korean provakations. if you want north korea to give up its nukes, then first give up your nukes.
china has made a mistake by courting south korea. china has spent the past 20 yrs giving hand outs to the south korean rejime, and it's gotten china nowhere. perhaps china has forgotten that south korea was created by western inperialism. perhaps china is simply ignorant and is only looking for short term benefits. but here we are, 20 yrs on, and south korea has repaid china's hand outs with thad. so thad is a good wake up call for the chinese who think that acomodating the west, and its lackeys are a good idea. it's also a wake up call for all those in the world who believe china is trying to do whats best for china. in fact, china is not. and china is much more eager to acomodate the west, even at the expense of china.

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