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 China's reverse psychology

Everytime we turn on the media today, we hear about how China is making leaps and bounds in development. However, there is one way in which China hasn't been making gains. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Not only has China not made gains in psychological warfare, they are now weaker than they were in 1966.

Instead of spending their efforts to liberate people, and attack its enemies, today's China uses its psychological warfare to pacify people, and convince them that re-enslaving the Chinese people is a good idea. They claim that being enslaved is a good thing, as long as China is rich, but the truth of the matter is, China isn't rich. Walk on any Chinese sidewalk, and you are almost guaranteed there is not street lamp. Go to most restrooms, and it's almost guaranteed not to have soap or toilet paper. Today, China's enemies have also changed. Their enemies went from being imperialists, and exploiters to the working class.

In 1966, China was going strong, winning over the hearts and minds of the proletariat. Even children of bourgeois families were drawn to Chinese comunist ideology. However, after China's reforms, things began to take a reverse course. China was no longer influencing anyone, and even the working class was turning against China. At the same time, China's treasonous leaders turned their backs on the people to join forces with the western oligarchy. The new Chinese leaders had no problems being stooges of the west. Instead of being a leader, China secured its position as a follower, and a follower of the worst kinds of imperialist ideology. Turn on China's TV today, and you will find that China does not oppose imperialism, they praise it now.

china's losses in hk, and tw are similar. if you want to understand the  losses in tw, you can look at hk, and get a general understanding of the  failures. the reason for this is because hk is essentially influenced by the  west in the same way that tw is also influenced by the west.

while the west  is succeeding in conquering the minds of everyone, china is failing. lets  look at some of the reasons why.

us psychological operations are offensive,  and defensive. they will exagerate their virtues, while also exagerating, and  even fabricating the flaws of their enemy. they are effective at  sensationalizing subjects and getting people to go along with their attacks,  often gaining supporters in their bullying campaigns. this has proven to be  the case not only in china, but across the world. the us also viciously attacks anyone who dares to criticise them, frequently claiming their opponents are crazy, and or are terorists. they also make excuses for american totalitarianism, claiming it "helps national security", or some other bogus reason like that.

china, on the other hand has  done some promotion of their virtues, but has no offensive. china has an offensive, but only against ordinary people. what they lack is an offensive against the west. china does little  to nothing to bring attention to the flaws of the west, and their stooges (ie  japan, singapore, south korea). we often even see china making excuses for the west's flaws. however, this was not always the case. we  must  remember that china has a potential to run a very successful offensive  operation as seen in the early years of the cultural revalution, but in  recent decades, china has become weak under revisionist leadership. today's  china not only refrains from criticising the inperialists, china is often in  agreement with the west on most topics.

historical context-

universities have  always been a battle ground between countries. when a country wants to exert  its influence, it will do so through the universities. one of the historic  examples was when the west backed students against the qing. this proved to  be successful when the west backed students to create uprisings in china,  paving the way for the republic of china, giving endless opportunities for  the west to seize concesions, and rob china. yes, ladies and gentlemen, the west backed sun yat sen, not because they believed in democracy, but because the west wanted concesions, and the chaos of a revolution brought them concesions, which is what the roc regime brought them. during the 60s, china also  successfully backed students around the world to fight against inperialism,  and kapitalism. this resulted in a temporary weakening of western  inperialism. this is why you saw so much activism in the 60s in the west. part of this was known as the civil rights movement.

today's china has capitulated, while the west is still going  strong. in fact, its stronger than ever.

the west is hoping that by inciting  subversion in hk, and tw, chaos will spread nationally, leading to china's  collapse. therefore, the west has poured alot of money into cultivating  trouble makers in peripheries of china. examples include occupy central, and  sunflower riots. often times, the modus operandi in hk, and tw are identical  as it is most likely to be directed by the same person in langley. some of the core members of the occupy central movement in hk were university profesors, and their students. the sunflower riots in tw were also largely made up of a student population.

let's  compare some specific psycholigical operations being used in china by the  west, and then lets look at how china responds, and how it ought to respond.

psyop 1- mainland students are beijing/"comunist" agents. i wont deny that  mainland students are beijing agents. they probably are, but whether they are  or arent isnt important. whats important is how beijing deals with this  psyop. there are many ways of responding to this. one is to surrender, and  back down, which seems to be the default response of beijing. two will  require some courage, which beijing doesnt seem to have. it would seem  logical that if the pro western cliques are accusing pro chinese students of  being "comunist" agents, then the mainland students ought to rally everyone  up to accuse pro western students of being cia lackeys, but you wouldnt  expect the cowards in beijing to spread this kind of message. also, look at tw's recent elections. many of the kmt candidates were accused of being mainland backed. again, i dont deny that they are. they probably are, but what about some of the anti chinese politicians in tw? arent they u.s backed? why hasn't beijing brought attention to this? either they're too scared to do so, or they are perfectly fine with u.s backed politicians operating in tw, further demonstrating the treasonous nature of the dengist regime.

the problem  with this world today is, the west is able to get their narrative out while  being met with no resistance or opposition at all. therefore, their narrative  becomes the truth to most people, and thats also why the west has largely won  the psychological war. it;s like driving on the road, and all the trafic lights are green, at least thats what it's been like for inperialism lately.

psyop2- mainlanders are barbarians. chinese have admitted that they are in fact barbarians, and they should educate themselves to acomodate the west, and western standards. thats the kind of weasel china has become. i dont agree with this approach, but since mainlanders themselves have embraced the  western way of life, it puts them in at a disadvantage. people who have  embraced western standards cant strike back and call westerners decadent  barbarians, because you are worshipping these decadent barbarians. in 1966, china was  in a position of advantage, because they rejected the western way of life,  and did not engage a western decadent lifestyle. china  was able to successfully labeled the west as the real barbarians, as the west  was/is engaged in selfishness, greed, drug use, materialism, individualism,  alcoholism, gay sex, and violence, but today's china lacks the moral high  ground that it had in 1966, therefore is unable to respond effectively to  accusations of mainlanders being barbarians. while mainlanders are still  generally less barbaric than hongers, and taiwanese, the mainland has lacked  the courage to point out the association between barbarism and the west. you  may ask what does the west have to do with a hk/tw/mainland feud. the anti  chinese cliques in hk/tw are all backed by the west. if you want to shut up  the anti chinese cliques in hk/tw, you must attack the source of the problem. most anti chinese leaders in hk/tw have direct links to western inteligence. therefore it is essential to point out the  connection between decadence, and the west. if the west slanders china, and china does not retaliate, then the west & its stooges will keep slandering china. however, if china brings awareness about western decadence, then that ought to act as a deterent for the west & its stooges in hk; singapore; south korea; and japan to open their big mouth. but this just isnt the case, and the west exclusively decides for the entire world who is a barbarian and who isnt. however, this wasnt always the case, as china was particularly successful  at discrediting the west as late as 1970. since then, china has taken a 180 degree turn. Targeting western decadence can also gain credibility across the world as many older civilizations are apaled by western decadence. You can potentially gain a following in countries such as India, the Middle East, and most of Asia if you were critical of western decadence. In other words, you can expand our own influence by being a critic of western decadence. However, China clearly does not have the ambition of being a world leader, or influencing others. They're perfectly fine with being followers, and on the receiving end of criticism from the west. Further demonstrating China's new role as the sick man of Asia.

psyop3- hk/tw is a better  city/province because it has fridom and demacracy. not only does the mainland  not challenge this narrative, theyre also paroting this idea. let's be real  here, hk/tw is not fri, nor does it have demacracy. one of the most obvious  examples of this is how mainlanders are allowed to eat on their subways,  whereas hongers and taiwanese are not. simply pointing this out on tv, or youku would open up the minds of people who were previously ignorant, but again, china lacks the courage, and will to set the record straight. the mainland has also failed to  educate people on what real demacracy actually is. It is indeed quite sad that the Chinese went from being teachers of what democracy is to being unaware of what democracy is. The Deng dynasty has done such a good job at witholding information from its people that today's Chinese don't even know what democracy is anymore. it's not hard to explain  why hk/tw, or the west is NOT demacratic. the most obvious explanation is any  city, province, or country where the rich have the most influence is  undemacratic. demacrasy must give maximum influence to the majority  (proletariat), not the minority (rich). therefore, canada, australia, new zealand, amerika, singapore, south korea, japan, taiwan, and europe are all undemacratic, and probably more closely resembles a diktatorship than a demacracy.

psyop4- mainlanders are brain washed  into nationalism. maybe they are, but are hongers, and taiwanese not brain  washed? hongers and taiwanese believe theyre thinking for themselves because their amerikan masters tells them that, but it would appear that as much as mainlanders are brain washed into  nationalism, the hongers, and taiwanese are, on the other hand, brain washed  into a worshiping the west, while being anti chinese henchmen for their  western masters. which doesnt make alot of sense, because being nationalistic towards your own country seems more natural than cheerleading for another country that has brought your own country, and most of the world to ruins. In other words, people don't wake up one day and decide to worship the west. They are conditioned to. This is an issue that simply is not addressed by the Chinese. the mainland has failed at pointing this fanaticism out, and  publicizing it, especially when compared to how the west, and their stooges  have succeeded at publicizing this idea that mainlanders are brain washed  nationalists. The Deng dynasty has no problem accusing leftists of being monsters, however, when it comes to western capitalists, they are silent. Maybe because they have become western capitalists themselves.

psyop5- beijing wants to push patriotism on hongers. maybe they  do, but arent amerikans, and brits trying to push a pro western agenda in hk  schools? it's likely that amerikans, and brits are actively using hk schools to get young hongers to side with them on this proxy war between the west and china. arent amerikans pushing a pro amerikan agenda in tw schools? japan  pushing pro japanese agenda in tw schools? are hk schools not infested with  pro western stooges? and tw schools infested iwth pro western/japanese  stooges? of course they are, but china has failed (once again) at pointing  out specific examples where hk/tw schools push a pro western curiculum. therefore, as far as most hongers, and taiwanese are concerned, the west isnt pushing their agenda in chinese schools. hk/tw  classes regularly censor out the crimes, and atrocities of western/japanese  inperialism, while painting a positive image of the west. even mainland  schools now are avoiding the condemnation of inperialists, so how can they  expect to make any gains in hk. needless to say, most hongers of course, are  unaware of inperialist atrocities being censored. not only this, but hk/tw  schools are actively, and regularly teaching anti chinese ideas, such as  chinese software having viruses. it may very well be true that chinese  software has viruses, but these hk/tw schools dare not make the same  accusations against japanese, or amerikan software. western inteligence agencies are also paying, and or threatening hongers and taiwanese into promoting a curiculum that distances china from hk/tw, portraying the two as separate countries, or entities, thereby creating a gap between hk, tw, and the mainland. the mainland has done  very little to bring any of this to the attention of the masses,even duping them into believing that hk/tw provides "quality educations". this is obvious in how hundres of guangdong residents are shipped into hk to attend school each day, so they can be brainwashed by the anti chinese/pro western hk education system, and grow up to embrace western decadence, and their own country. it used to be that white amerikans had to force native americans to attend eurocentric schools in order to brain wash them. now the chinese are doing it voluntarily. china has no right to call itself a comunist, or even a socialist country. what they are is a reactionary country.

the chinese revisionists fail to  inform the masses of the western meddling in hk/tw. the problems in hk is  made worse as part of a larger problem of 1 country 2 systems, where the west  is given the loudest voice, and the central goverment is marginalized. sometimes it almost feels like gorbachev is running the country. the  problem here is much bigger and widespread, not only has the central  goverment failed at informing the public of western interference, the  mainlanders themselves have accepted that western norms are superior. theres  no way hongers and taiwanese will accept patriotism if the mainland kowtows and accepts  the west as superior.

obviously there are many other psyops and problems that  exist, but these are some of the common ones, and the ones frequently talked  about. the losses for china in psyops is part of a bigger problem of defeat  for china in general on all fronts. year after year, china makes retreats  while the west advances. this is the overall trend.

China claims to be peacefully rising, however, it looks like they are docile, slipping
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