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 Celebrate 40 yrs of China's re-enslavement

For the past 40 years, we've been hearing from China how they've become strong after 78, after they took the capitalist road, but it makes about as much sense to say that Russia became stronger after 89. It simply isn't true, and makes no sense. Let's look at a few reasons why China has not strengthened after 78.

1- China's biggest bargaining chip throughout the 50s, and 60s was the global peoples war, where China backed, and trained guerila fighters throughout the world against colonialism. Not only did China liberate many countries, China also gained many allies and assumed a world leader position. During the 60s, many revelutionaries throughout the 3world believed that China would become the leader of the 3 world. In 78, China gave up this war to accomodate the west. Needless to say, China's strength was no longer existant. Today, no one considers China to be their leader, not in the 1, 2, or 3 world. America projects its strength by backing those with similar viewpoints, and even coerces others to support American interests. Today's China is afraid to back anyone, and even tells people to cooperate with the west.

2- Before 78, China was united under comunism, and strong leadership. After 78, China fragmented. Under capitalism, it was every man for himself. The communes broke up, and individual Chinese went their separate ways. The people who made money emigrated. Since 78, there wasn't and isn't a united cause. People no longer cared about their fellow man. Today, many Chinese will take the side of the west, over China. This is a sharp contrast to what we saw in 66, where Chinese were united against anyone who threatened Chinese interests. The new party no longer has the kind of legitimacy that it had in 66.

3- Patriotism. China was very patriotic during the comunist era. However, after 78, Chinese, under capitalism, became selfish, and greedy. Dengists gave rise to a whole new class of sell outs. These are the ones who vacation, study, invest, and shop abroad. The selfishness and greed gave Chinese a new motivation. The new motivation was not to serve your country. The new motivation, and trend was to do things for money, even if it goes against national interests. For example, most of the bourgeoisie have a strong preference for foreign products, while avoiding domestic ones. After 78, there was a large reduction in people doing things for their country. For the new bourgeoisie, their goal was just to make as much money as they could, emigrate, and never go back to China, let alone help it.

4- Weakened ideology. People throughout the world were excited about anti inperialism, and comunism. People looked forward to the newest edition of Beijing weekly. Today, no one even knows what Beijing weekly is. Most people can't even name a single Chinese publication. That's how pathetic China has become. When Deng seized power, he preached acomodation to the west. Nobody wanted to hear that. Furthermore, we didn't need to go to Deng to hear about how great inperialism was. We could hear the same message from VOA, CNN, and BBC. China lost its ideological edge. The world was no longer drawn to Chinese media the way they were in the 60s. As part of Deng's accomodation policy, he also did not want to influence the world. He was happy getting scraps, and left overs from his western masters.

5- China preaches "non-interference". If China was strong, shouldn't it increase its interference? In fact, we've seen things go the other way for China. China was heavily involved in international affairs prior to 78, and everything went downhill from after 78.

6- Tienamen. When the west mobilized their agents in 89 to 0verthrow Deng, not only did he not retaliate against the west, he gave them more concesions. This simply is not what a strong country does. Even Erdogan retaliated against the west for their attempted coup against him.

7- Hong Kong. Strong countries do not accept 1 country 2 systems. Strong countries do 1 country, 1 system. The 1 country 2 systems is a symbol of weakness, and capitulation. America would never accept 1 country 2 systems, neither would any other strong country.

8- Occupy central. At least Deng rolled out the tanks on his opponents, Xi couldn't even do that when the west mobilized their agents in hk during the riots, and unrest. Like Deng, Xi never retaliated against the western pupet masters.

9- China has failed at integrating hong kong, and unable to take taiwan back. 40 years after capitalism returned, China is in a worse off position than it was 40 years ago. At this point, China would be lucky if the mainland remained in one piece, let alone integrate hk/tw. Today's China is on the defensive. As weak as Russia is today, they were able to take back the Crimea, which is more than what we can say about China.

10- Rich Chinese are mostly sell outs. They make huge amounts of money off the working class, and proletariat, and spend their money in foreign countries, particularly countries hostile to China, ie Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and USA. Instead of using their fortunes to make China great, they give their money to adversaries, and drain the country of its wealth, just as their ancestors did with opium. They send their kids abroad to "study"; shop; vacation; and invest in hostile countries. Most of the money China makes, actually goes directly back to their western masters, and lackeys. Whatever is left will be loaned back to the west, trillions at a time.

Historians talk about China suffering a century of humiliation, as if it were a thing of the past, but actually, the humiliation picked up again after 78. When Deng capitulated, the west did not respect China. In fact, it took the west only 11 years to plot a coup against him. When the west failed at the coup, they slapped humiliating sanctions on China. Since then, the west has continuously destabilized China, supporting all of China's enemies, even creating many out of thin air. The worst humiliation are the sweat shops. Chinese workers once owned their factories, but today, the workers are under the thumbs of foreigners. Allowing foreigners to own, and operate sweat shops is the most dispicable humiliation, particularly under comunist values. No self respecting country would ever allow foreign bourgeosie to exploit its people. Westerners also frequently enter China, disrespecting local laws, and thumbing their noses at the authorities. It seems that China has once again returned to the republican era, where the west had their spheres of influence, and Chinese laws once again, don't apply to them.

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