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olu 2017-06-01 10:13

one of the key elements of china is taiwañ. unfortunately, today, it is in the hands of the american, and japanese. tw is an important province that can be used to destabilize china, which explains why some in the mainland want the province back. however, the revisionists have failed to get it back in the past 40 years. in fact, the revisionists arent even close to getting it back. most tw observers can tell you that tw has drifted farther from china, and not closer. anti chinese sentiment is high, has been growing, and continues to grow. again, we can see similarities between revisionist china, and gorbachev, because it's hard to know if the revisionists simply don't care that tw is drifting away, or are actually that stupid enough to believe that anti chinese activity in tw wont harm the mainland. we shall assume they just don''t care. the reason for this is because of china's approach to the whole tw disaster.

tw is supposedly divided into 2 political parties, just as the us is divided into the democrats and republicans. as most political experts can tell you, there is no fundamental difference between a democrat and republic, just as theres no difference between a tory and labor, just as theres no difference between the kmt and dpp. tw's dpp is slightly more extreme when it comes to their politics, but this does not mean the kmt is anything good. just as the democratic party is not as extreme as the republican party, but theyre both evil. likewise, the kmt can't be counted on to do the right thing. in fact, let's get straight to the point. the kmt is not pro chinese. they've never been pro chinese, and probably never will be. this is why the west propped them up all these years. the kmt is on some level, willing to do business with the mainland, only at the expense of the mainland. so get this through your thick head, the kmt wants mainland money. this does not mean that the kmt is pro chinese, and any kmt cooperation with the mainland is based off of greed, not patriotism. most kmt have no concept of patriotism. their loyalty mainly lies with the west, and japan. it was that way in 48, and it's that way now. what we've seen in the past 40 years is, taiwañese walk away with billions if not trillions of mainland money, while contributing nothing to the stability of china.

if the mainland were to put that same amount of money at fomenting revalution on the island, they would have yielded better results. instead, as usual, the revisionists have chosen the counterevolutionary (the wrong) path. the west put in 5 billion to ǒverthrow Yanukovych, but china has already spent many times over 5 billion to butter up the kmt, and that has gotten it nowhere. in fact, tw is more anti chinese today than it was in 83. so, as per usual, china has spent billions digging a grave for itself. the money could have been spent to give mainlanders healthcare, and that would have done more good for society instead.

the kmt were the ones originally defeated by the comunists. they were, and continue to be an enemy of the people. they are backed entirely by the bourgeosie, just as the dpp is. neither of them have genuine popular support as you would expect from fake demỏcracies. during the civil war, the kmt sided with the west, just like south korea, and south viet nam. today, they continue to side with the west, and are the type of political party to kill their own people on behalf of the west. they bullied the people then, and probably still bully the people today. not a whole lot has changed. the dpp is entirely backed by foreigners from japan, and the west. theyre very pro inperialist, slightly more than the kmt, but make no mistake, theyre both enemies of the people; reactionary; pro inperialist, and stooges of foreign inperialism. as with the democrats, and republicans, the dpp and kmt have more in common with one another than differences.

the kmt has always been closer to japan than it had been to china. throughout kmt rule, they gave massive concesions to japan. for example, the sogo shopping center. would the kmt ever in a million years, give these kinds of concesions to wangfujing? of course not. the kmt also reserved massive markets for japan, including the convenience store market. 7-11 is, and has been the biggest convenienve store in tw. people go there to pay their bills, and pick up their packages. they go their to charge their subway tickets. the influence of 7-11 alone on tw is massive. giving this market to japan shows the kmt's loyalty to japan, not china. trucks in taiwan are also almost exclusively japanese. japanese auto makers also own the tw market. although there are many taiwanese air conditioning makers, the kmt has decided to reserve a huge fraction of the market for japan. all of this was done through the kmt era. it was also the kmt who allowed many japanese tv chanels into tw, showing their alliance with japan. dozens of u.s channels are also allowed in tw. however, 0 mainland chanels are visible on tw's cable tv. this shows the kmt's anti chinese stance, and pro inperialist stance. it was also during kmt rule that tw was sending twice as many tourists to japan, as japan was sending tourists to tw, despite the fact that japan's population is double that of tw. therefore, we can say that all the money that the mainland has given to tw probably ends up in japan. and the japanese probably uses the money originating in the mainland to destabilize the mainland revisionists. this is what makes the revisionists so foolish to use funds to destroy china.

judging from the nearly 70 yrs of rule on tw, not only is the kmt anti chinese, we can see that the kmt is more than willing to put foreign interests ahead of its own. 20 yrs of dpp activity also shows us the same thing. mind you, any politician running for "president of the roc" has to make a visit to the us and sell their campaign not to the taiwanese people, but to american oligarks, because it's the americans who decide whether this tw pupet is a worthy candidate or not. then and only then will the pupet then qualify to even run for office.

chen's arrest in 08, and when ma was humiliated by the west in his own country in 2014, the west showed us that it is indeed the west who runs the show on tw, and that the only possible outcome in tw was one that was dictated by the west, regardless of political parties. we can further see that power comes from the barel of a gun, not through economics; free trade agreements; concesions; or sweet talk. he who resorts to mob violence will be the one who comes out on top. the west demonstrated this in the malaysian, and indonesian riots of 69, and 98. no one challenged it then, and no one challenges it now.

so, it is questionable why the mainland regime trying to form an alliance with the kmt, and placing hope onto them. either the mainland is too stupid, or they know how corupt the kmt is, and is still backing them. it would make more sense that the mainland knows the kmt is unreliable, yet still supports it. what are they trying to pull? are the dengists, and the kmt trying to create a coalition to ruin china? wouldnt the chinese people like to know that billions of their hard earned dollars are going towards this traitorous regime? this obviously shows the mainland's incompetence right there. for people who understand politics, china makes a fool out of itself when it places hope in the kmt, because as mentioned, the kmt is a pro inperialist regime who will place foreign interests ahead of its own. this is why it sounds absolutely ridiculous for the mainland regime to talk about unifying the kmt. is there really a point in unifying a reactionary, pro inperialist party who are at odds with the people? because doing so will only prolong the problem.

the kmt is as anti chinese as anyone else. by relying on the kmt to unify china, you might as well just formally cede taiwan to the west, and japan, because you can wait 100 yrs, and still get nowhere with the kmt. as a matter of fact, it's been 70 yrs since the comunists liberated the mainland. 30 more yrs will make 100, proving the uselessness of the kmt, and how it can only act as a guard dog for the west. keeping china divided seems to be a kmt time honored tradition.

the mainland likes to paint the kmt in a positive light, but the truth of the matter is, the kmt has made many provacative actions, such as buy weapons from the west. tw, under the kmt also maintained close ties to such anti chinese figures such as the dolly lama. tw also serves as a safehouse for anti chinese warriors such as wu er  ka shi, a world renowned china hater, who was at the forefront of 0verthrowing deng. tw is also a base for many anti chinese groups such as the faluen göng, as well as other western backed extremist groups who are both well funded and well armed. most kmt members are anti chinese. theyre ashamed to be chinese.

one kmt member (born on the mainland) said "i dont use weixin, i dont talk to anyone on the mainland". her implication was that i am proud not to know any mainlanders, because knowing mainlanders is a bad thing. this has been a big problem on tw. the west hopes to keep tw divided, and their compradores make sure that the taiwanese dont get too close to the mainland. so, let's not act like the kmt are going out of their way to mend ties with the mainland, because theyre not. in fact, these kinds of traitors are proud not to know any mainlanders, and go out of their way to avoid them. the less they know about the mainland, and the less connections they have with the mainland, the cooler they look to their peers. but you see, this same kmt would never dare proudly say i dont know anyone in japan, so why would i use a japanese program. in fact, they would feel ashamed to not know anyone in japan, because on tw, it's cool to be associated with japan. in fact, it's been the trend in tw (throughout the kmt era, and now) to advertise products as exported to japan. the idea is, if something is good enough for japan, it's good enough for us, and its the  japs who set our standards, not us. these are the kinds of small minded people behind the kmt. the kmt member's daughter had this to say. "dont buy htc cell phones. they're all made on the mainland". there's a couple of things wrong with this picture. they're saying not to buy something because it's made on the mainland, which shows their anti chinese extremism. secondly, htc is a taiwanese company. so they want to boycott them because their phones are made on the mainland. most importantly, htc does not benefit the mainland. in fact, it's quite the opposite. htc exploits chinese labor, and profits off the blood, sweat, and tears of mainland workers. so what this kmt daughter has done was to vilify the victim. this is what the kmt is about. taiwanese people in general also contanstly bash mainlanders, and the mainland. it doesnt matter if they are blue or green, their hatred towards the mainland is unmatched by anyone except maybe the hongers.

mainland authorities frequently claim that because tw, and mainland shares a common tradition, they should work together. not true. on tw campuses, mainland students are marginalized. although mainlanders and taiwanese share a similar tradition, mainland students are sidelined on campus. mainland students talk amongst themselves, and are largely ignored by taiwan students, regardless of political affiliation. that means that both kmt, and dpp students are going out of their way to disasociate themselves with mainland students. being anti chinese is mainstream, and the mainland revisionists have allowed this problem to get out of hand. on the other hand, foreign students, particularly white ones, are welcomed with open arms and frequently accomodated and given special treatment as vip's throughout tw campuses. this is in stark contrast to the mainland students whom the tw students avoid like the plague.

yet the mainland continues to accomodate such a hopeless corupted regime. no wonder china so far from taking tw back, and china would be lucky to even keep the mainland entact, let alone take tw back.

the revisionists definitely don't have the mandate of heaven. they keep trying failed tactics, and that's all they seem to know. their counterevolutionary ways will only lead us to defeat.

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